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What type of charity / non-profit organization below do you support or simply just feel strongly about?

Pet Rescue 0.46658959537572 46.7% [ 4036 ]
Clean Water 0.092254335260116 9.2% [ 798 ]
Homelessness 0.13976878612717 14.0% [ 1209 ]
Organizations that fight diseases 0.14682080924855 14.7% [ 1270 ]
Organizations that deliver meals to senior citizens 0.02393063583815 2.4% [ 207 ]
Charities that help the mentally or physically handicapped 0.13063583815029 13.1% [ 1130 ]
Total Votes:[ 8650 ]
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Interesting Informer

It's so hard, but I would still choose all of them. They all better our society and living.

Animals. heart
I love pets....alot...thats why pet rescue.. :3
I have a soft spot for animals heart heart heart
I like to help all kinds of organisations that are worthy for a donation.
Anything that would make the world a better place. c:
I don't really trust that my money will be used properly so I prefer to volunteer my time
of course is a pet charity uh. xp -Pet lover
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LGBT Rights Groupps <3 And my local animal shelter by fostering puppies that are too young to be adopted out. Have you ever drown in puppies? It's the best feeling ever
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I donate to ASPCA/PETA......so im with the pet rescue 3nodding
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i support two of the above... helping animals & ways to cure a lot of diseases..
From the results you can clearly see that people care more about animals than saving their own kind xD Animals are cute and all but i like to help anyone in need. As long as i'm doing it and not my money smile
Im going with Pet Rescue because I am Constantly working at a local rescue and I am the president of a club at my school for pet rescue.:d
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Friendly Werewolf

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Once again this is a none complete poll.
There are so many options that have been missed out.



Endangered species

Forest preservation

I am not at all saying it is a bad poll but I have come across a lot of incomplete ones and others that could have done with a lot more options.
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Shy Noob

heart heart heart

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