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What type of charity / non-profit organization below do you support or simply just feel strongly about?

Pet Rescue 0.46675805346127 46.7% [ 4086 ]
Clean Water 0.09195796207448 9.2% [ 805 ]
Homelessness 0.13913639479095 13.9% [ 1218 ]
Organizations that fight diseases 0.14656157185287 14.7% [ 1283 ]
Organizations that deliver meals to senior citizens 0.023989033584647 2.4% [ 210 ]
Charities that help the mentally or physically handicapped 0.13159698423578 13.2% [ 1152 ]
Total Votes:[ 8754 ]
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I'd help with the homeless one.
Especially since we've got a few in my town. neutral
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Clean water is seriously important; i think we take our pure water for granted.
charity heart
i loooove animals..
so obviously pet rescue biggrin
&& i volunteer at my local animal shelter <3
ummm..... i sort of activly donate to all of the above but im most active with pet rescue and disabilities. GAH! which one to chose ><

Make up your mind!!! Nah, just kidding. that's awesome that you help so many types of organizations. kudos to you!
I also donate and work at charities that help our Veterans and their families.
I also donate and work at charities that help our Veterans and their families.

Veterans..that's a very important cause also.
I agree without them many of the things we take for granted, we would never have.... example: Our FREEDOM!
smile smile smile smile
pet rescue 3nodding
I support any charites that help out smile
When I get older Im gonna sign up and help the Animal Rescue Center

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