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What is Gaia?

An online community 0.41627697683037 41.6% [ 23590 ]
A game site 0.04242178263248 4.2% [ 2404 ]
A role playing site 0.089908062609187 9.0% [ 5095 ]
An online game 0.071608816107572 7.2% [ 4058 ]
An online hangout 0.21809101978154 21.8% [ 12359 ]
An online dress up game 0.051015546418677 5.1% [ 2891 ]
A virtual fashion site 0.024069597134236 2.4% [ 1364 ]
An anime theme site 0.086608198485945 8.7% [ 4908 ]
Total Votes:[ 56669 ]
Roleplay but it's hard to find any good ones anymore.
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Mostly an online community with added aspects
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It's an online community but for me it's more of a fashion thing. I usually just buy things to dress up my avi after all, I don't really go to any other areas most of the time. xp
I see everyone and from the looks of it , whos outfit is better the poor talk to the poor, the rich talk to the rich its simple.
An online community because you can customize stuff to your liking.
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"Online community" encompasses the whole of the site best, I think. I mostly play it like an econ/finance sim, though, turning profits on the market.
I believe it would be best described as an online community with several extra stuff...
Nothing less than the entire world...
I would say an online community but also a place where I can escape the world for a bit a and relax talking about my interest. I use it as a place to be inspired.
Unfortunately, I'd probably have to defend the site and my reasons for re-joining after having an account for 8 years but leaving for about 5 years.

All I've ever heard most people say about the site is that its old, run down, full of freaks, etc. Anime insults and the like.

I've never really had any problems here though. Had a fair amount of people blocked and banned but you'll get that anywhere.

Gaia was and still is a place where I can slip into a whole different side of myself or stay as I am, and knowing that the community as a whole no longer judges or throws others under the bus.
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If your friend ask you what Gaia is, what would you say?

gaia is a fair place but to me more then anything need to be fair on people who do traditional art for people that cant do digital you all rlly need to fix that issue and make a forum tab of some kind for traditional artist that are non digital types can any of you guys fix that? but i seriously would say that gaia is fun loveable and very entertaining for everyone
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Gaia is not what it used to be crying
online community
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Gaia, sigh where to start!

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