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What is Gaia?

An online community 0.41643614972513 41.6% [ 23786 ]
A game site 0.04233341503554 4.2% [ 2418 ]
A role playing site 0.089779053888441 9.0% [ 5128 ]
An online game 0.071448580132358 7.1% [ 4081 ]
An online hangout 0.21767218740152 21.8% [ 12433 ]
An online dress up game 0.051472390489863 5.1% [ 2940 ]
A virtual fashion site 0.024230540285024 2.4% [ 1384 ]
An anime theme site 0.086627683042123 8.7% [ 4948 ]
Total Votes:[ 57118 ]
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I feel Gaia is a place where you can say SCREW REALITY and be yourself without having the pressures of the world on your shoulders when you try to be yourself. on Gaia I feel I'm able to be who I want to be! If I want to have pink hair then I'll have pink hair. If I want to change my gender with a gender-bender potion than I can! And no one here will judge that! Gaia goes from a website to a online world where you can be yourself and feel no judgement for that.
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Online community most def..the people here are to diverse for it to just be something like the other catagories.
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i would say a online site of carzy things and all kinds od people play games and hangout my brother say that their virtual dolls
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Anime/online community I think is a good way to put it.
i find it a website where people can be there dream characters and live out their lives the way they want to 3nodding

EXACATLY!!! xd 4laugh
Artemis Wasabi
It's an online comunity! Gaia is a virtual town in which everyone helps and respects each other. (hopefully)

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An online community where everyone roleplays, cybers, and call people who don't spend real money on virtual items "noobs." stare mind you I've had this account since '05.
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An online hangout
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gaia to me is where family is, i have great freinds on here, love the games and its a great spot to new friends and grow your family heart sweatdrop
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A place for like-minded people to share their interests across the world. And a place to learn a lot of new things.
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A place with too many ads. stare
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Gaia is for me both an online community game, but also a very inspired anime with inspirated and colourful characters ^_^. There are a lot of things you can do on Gaia, I never get bored whenever I am logged in, Gaia is the best game I´ve ever played on the computer so far, if the staff one day sees this I just want to say that I heart you guys, you are the best seriously biggrin and keep up the good work ^_^ emotion_bigheart gaia_gaiagold
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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If your friend ask you what Gaia is, what would you say?

ive always known gaia as a goddess or the soul of the world....

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