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What is Gaia?

An online community 0.41635486239815 41.6% [ 23813 ]
A game site 0.042277161940064 4.2% [ 2418 ]
A role playing site 0.089887051089275 9.0% [ 5141 ]
An online game 0.071476028954086 7.1% [ 4088 ]
An online hangout 0.21755778578173 21.8% [ 12443 ]
An online dress up game 0.051561352589432 5.2% [ 2949 ]
A virtual fashion site 0.024250795537993 2.4% [ 1387 ]
An anime theme site 0.08663496170927 8.7% [ 4955 ]
Total Votes:[ 57194 ]
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I love it. It's a forum site, but with much more. you donm't have a pic for your avatar, but a character, that you can dress up. this site also has chatroom, the casino and the lakes. We got guilds, which are our private forums. and, the forums aren't liker a normal forum, they're more like a conversation. and now, we even have a world to walk around in, but that is really glitchy for me (Lanzer, it freezes up when ever I try to store a bug, trash, or a flower, can you try and fix this?) We also have a profile for ourselves, with a journal (I assume this is blogging?) Wer also have a store to sell stuff.
but ya, it does not feel like a forum website, I love it. It's a community, It's awsome. I met my girlfriend here.
biggrin Its a community that you can have alot of fun with
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Caden Blue
Actually, I usually say "It's a forum where you get an avatar you can dress up."

To me, it's a forum first and foremost, but the avatars are what makes it special and the reason I'm here.

Yeah, same with me
Infact...exactly the same
online community.
It's an online community to me.
I just had to vote "Virtual fashion site" to be the first one though.
I've been asked several times, my answer..

- An online community
Erm... I guess I would have to say that it's an online community, though when others ask me what it is, I usually tell them something along the lines of "An awesome online anime roleplaying forum/community." So, I choose C. All of the above.
If your friend ask you what Gaia is, what would you say?

great grammer wink xd xd xd

it is an online community.
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Gaia, is a community, but also I feel a good place to release your imagination.
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I put online community because WWW is WorldWideWeb and Gaia is a world community site for everyone.
I thinkits a online community because it has alot of that stuff that was put for other choices.
People have asked me what gaia is. I laugh and say it's an organization bent on world domination through the brainwashing of anime fans, geeks, and gamers.
An online community and also a game site
The most awesome online community ever.

xD heart
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I really think that GAIA is not just a Hang-Out place. I Think it's more than that; more of a community.

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