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What is Gaia?

An online community 0.41643614972513 41.6% [ 23786 ]
A game site 0.04233341503554 4.2% [ 2418 ]
A role playing site 0.089779053888441 9.0% [ 5128 ]
An online game 0.071448580132358 7.1% [ 4081 ]
An online hangout 0.21767218740152 21.8% [ 12433 ]
An online dress up game 0.051472390489863 5.1% [ 2940 ]
A virtual fashion site 0.024230540285024 2.4% [ 1384 ]
An anime theme site 0.086627683042123 8.7% [ 4948 ]
Total Votes:[ 57118 ]
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not pornogrpahic enough
An online community
to me it's anime-based online community full of dressing up pirate
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Actually, I usually say "It's a forum where you get an avatar you can dress up."

To me, it's a forum first and foremost, but the avatars are what makes it special and the reason I'm here.
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Community all the way, babe. 3nodding
I'd say: "Its SO cool! You can meet people and talk about stuff. And you have a model thing of yourself that you can dress up. Its alot of fun. You should check it out." Thats what I would say. Oh, and that it is free.
Um.. A hangout i gusse..
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I would definitely say online community. A big one even.
a hangout/community.
both kinda the same thing to me.
and u could make your own avatar.
n stuff.
i find it a website where people can be there dream characters and live out their lives the way they want to 3nodding

I totally agree. I've been to losts of sites like runescape and stuuf, but this BY FAR beats the rest. I LOVE it. I think I'll be playing gaia online till I'm DEAD!!! lol!! ^_^
I see it as an online community, but i like the idea that many people role play and the whole anime theme it has to it. Gaia lets people escape the daily hassles in life and "become someone new "
i think gaia is a free and independennt site
Online Community.

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