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What do you like about school?

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This poll closed on September 22, 2004.
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Seeing my friends... nothing else... really...
I can see my girl everyday
Our friends, what would we do without them. yum_puddi
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people actually like school?
im kinda upset its school startingg again!
Friendz whee Can we post in here? o.O...sowwie If we're not allowed.. sweatdrop
We can post in here smile lol

icecreamlover5 rolled 5 4-sided dice: 4, 3, 3, 3, 4 Total: 17 (5-20)

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nothing crying
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friends, lunch, petting class guinea pigs,class parties, dances, emotion_dowant
homework, annoying teachers,SUPER EASY work, emotion_donotwant
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people actually like school?

well yeah you have friends and fun and class parties sometimes and stuff so i like it minus the work and reports
So glad i'm not in high school anymore but I enjoyed the electives, art club, english literature, lunch, things stu-co would do, marching band, definitely drumline, a few teachers, and being with my friends smile
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not a damn thing
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dating thats wat i like cuz im gonna go into 8th grade hell ya
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I like everything. xD LUNCH TIME. <3 We get Sushi, chinese food, mexican food, etc.
Lol. And my classes are quick. -w-
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Ugh I almost dread it! But I know it is whats best for me unfortunately!

I'm supposed to be starting college soon though so it's a step closer to getting it over with! cat_4laugh

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