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What do you like about school?

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None of it actually...
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What I really like about school is getting to learn new things, and the occasional time that I find someone who is actually sane and occasionally cares about there grades.

However the thing I really hate about school is the shear amount of cussing in the halls and in the classrooms. I live in a non cussing family and find it very disturbing.
I also hate that I am one of a very small% of kids in my school that tries to do well, and because if this I have to listen to the teachers yell at the others about the F's they have every single day! really some of those kids have F's in every subject and wouldn't even try to change it if God himself came down and tolled them to shape up!

Oh and thanks for giving me some where to rant.
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i like the hot coco
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Seeing friends...
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Seeing friends...

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Well, when I go off for summer I miss my friends, and when school is about to start I want to see them again so bad. smile
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i like seeing my friends and boyfriend everyday, but i don't like the work or pressure.
I start school august 13ready for the8th grade
I love school
I love my school

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mmmmmmmm lame
NOTHING!!! rolleyes
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