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How much time do you spend on Gaia?

Everyday - 4+ hours 0.29574700109051 29.6% [ 21696 ]
Everyday - 2 - 4 hours 0.18238822246456 18.2% [ 13380 ]
Everyday - 1 - 2 hours 0.12400490730643 12.4% [ 9097 ]
Everyday - 1 hour or so 0.10201744820065 10.2% [ 7484 ]
Everyday - less than 1 hour 0.051717557251908 5.2% [ 3794 ]
Everyday - just a few minutes 0.029989094874591 3.0% [ 2200 ]
Few times a week 0.13775899672846 13.8% [ 10106 ]
Once a week 0.022873500545256 2.3% [ 1678 ]
Less than once a week 0.053503271537623 5.4% [ 3925 ]
Total Votes:[ 73360 ]
Always emotion_dowant
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I go on here a lot. Kind of everyday 2-3 hours. biggrin
I don't go on here much ;p
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Generous Phantom

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stare gaia is my crack
This is kind of an interesting question for me.

The thing is, I'm one of those guys that if you ask me to try something new out, I will adamately refuse to do it and then do it and act like I'm not. For instance, if my angel reads a book and says, "It's a good book, Sketch! I think you'll like it!", then NO MATTER WHAT--no matter how interesting it looks, no matter how she bribes me, I will appear like I will not do it.

And then I'll steal it from her book shelf and read it in one night.

Or when my brother Fuzen tells me to play some video game. "Hai Sketch! Play League of Legends! It's fun!" I will swear up and down as to its stupidity, and then I go play it...

...okay, that was a lie. I've never played and will never play League of Legends, no matter how bad he insists on me doing so. (Or will I?)

Such as it was with Gaia. I had an art commission for a girl who wanted me to draw her niece's avatar(Shilo Marie Phoenix is her username...maybe one day I'll post it), and I swore up and down how stupid Gaia sounded.

Then, of course, I logged on and now I'm as addicted to it as I am to caffeine.
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Everyday 2-4 hours
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Could someone tell me what is the problem for fishing, zOMG that game always says "cannot connect to the server" btw how to earn money ??? razz
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all day everyday

like a boss

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usually 2-hours a day
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on my days off, 4+ hours. when i get home from school, not too often. Usually 4x a week though. averaging anywhere from 2-10 hours LOL. sweatdrop
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Sparkly Gekko

luckily im not one of those total gaia freaks that spend all week just on gaia and doing nothing else. lol xd
Depends. I'll go months without playing, then come back and play for a few months or a couple years, then leave again for a few months. When I do play it depends on what I am doing. If I am roleplaying in forums and guilds I will spend many hours on gaia (those can be very addicting). If I am doing cosplays I will spend a lot of hours on gaia and quite a few hours on tektek as well. lol If I am playing ZOMG I might play for a couple hours. And if I am just talking with friends it can vary greatly. I don't normally time myself and seeing as how I just got back onto gaia after a couple months break I don't really remember what the times would be anyway. I haven't even decided what I plan to do with my time on gaia yet. lol
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I'd probably be on more if I had my own laptop... crying
For now, I've been using my family's until I can earn enough to buy one...

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