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How long do you spend on Gaia per day?

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This poll closed on June 28, 2004.
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I would love to spend more time on gaia. RL has me way to busy. xd
1-2 hours sometimes I just don't go on eek
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...I have to admit that I spent hours on Gaia my first week using it.. but nowadays I only spend more than 10min if my friends ask me to stay longer... there's really nothing to do when you don't know anyone.
surprised xd your hat really suits you.. your soo cute
Yeah.8 hours+.And dont say i have no life or dont get exercise becasue i go to the gym for 5 hours a day.
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No way dude, u just spend your time recklessly, but you cant call gaia reckless biggrin
ME neitherMUST bewhy we are friends >--[n_n]--<
weee you more cuter
Well, I used to spend ages on it... then I got bored, and stopped coming for a while... until last week, when someone on MSN told me it'd changed...

... thanks Gaia, now I'm lucky to get 3 hours sleep in a night!!! LoL, not that there's anything wrong with that! xd xp
I wish I could spend more time on Gaia...as it is real life forces me to less than an hour a day.
Lol... I don't really keep track... xp
Usually about an hour, I get like 200-300g everyday then sign off until tomorrow. 3nodding
my friend said that the color combination of gaia is not good but the layout is superb loved xp

Yes!! Bring the T-shirts to Sweden!! Pleeease ^^
If you make them online order, please don't make it a condition to pay for it online, since I can't do that crying

Me neither! crying

you live in Sweden too? blaugh
Maybe it's time for us to go to either the "Sci-Fi bokhandeln" in Sthlm or Gbg and ask them to mail the admins or something? crying

That's a great idea!! hehe 3nodding we can take all the other swedish gaians with us too and then they'll have to do it whee

var i sverige bor du? själv bor jag i söder, Lund ^^

Jag bor i Sthlm. Borde kanske springa dit nu och fråga eller nåt? sweatdrop


sweatdrop that should be illegal too... you know, the guidelines for the teachers concerning tests are "the students shouldn't have more than 2 tests à week because they will not be able to do well on ALL tests" or something like that... the guidelines says 2 tests.... sweatdrop .... say that to Nya Elementar (junior high school) and Blackebergs Gymnasium! (high school)...

they never follow the guidelines scream gonk
if they need to have a exam, but can't because of the other planned ones, they call it a "smaller test" and we're stuck with in anyways crying

Yes, or they transform them into essays *sighs*

sanjiro morigami
i try to get on every day and see what is new but i work allot, and on another note i cant wait to see lanzer and others at AX that is going to be sweet

I want to see them too... but I can't crying because USA is about an 11 hour flight from here crying

yes! and a high school studen't cannot afford a plane ticket! Less the money for staying at hotels! crying
We only get 950:- a month.. that's about US 95$....NOT much...
Let me explain.. we cannot even buy a nice.. gorgeous pair of Diesel, Lee or Levi jeans for that since those jeans tend to cost about 1200:- --> 2500:-
............ crying
Oh m'goodness. 18% stay for 8 hours +?? O___o;
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Hilarious Lunatic

14 or 15 hours?
I don't sleep very much -___-
Insomnia really blows folks.
But hey this place gives me something to do.
And somewhere to waste time 3nodding

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