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How long do you spend on Gaia per day?

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This poll closed on June 28, 2004.
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Wow......almost 300 people so far have choosen 8+ hours....dam thats a long time...my eyes would get sore....I don't even think I spend that much online a day let alone Gaia!

How could u?! lol, I spent all day on the computer, especially gaia, cept when homework gets in the way... dammit! lol
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I dunno, sometimes 1-2 hours, sometimes more 3nodding
I love talking on Gaia I wish I could get paid for it lol.....

I just like the interesting people on here....

I want a Gaia shirt really bad though sweatdrop

If you guys don't sell them I will have to find a way to the next fanime biggrin

I doubt anyone will know me though o.0
The only time I'm NOT on Gaia is when I'm sleeping, eating, or going to the bathroom... or if I've been dragged outside to 'get some fresh air' by my dad.
aboute 1 houre
over 2 hours...When I'm playing computer, I spend all time on Gaia XD
Less than an hour 3nodding
Sometimes I spend 24 hours on gaia sweatdrop
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This in not the same everyday ... Maybe 5~6 hours ?
-Stands up out of the circle of people.- Hello, my name is Selene..Y'all say "Hello Selene!" ... and I have a problem. I'm always on Gaia... ninja Addicted Gaian's Anonymous! XD~
well im on about 2 to 3 hours would go on it more if gaia didnt keep get bust oh well its a cool place dudes
rolleyes the poll doesint go high enough, I spend at least 11-12 hours a day on Gaia neutral
no -I don't know- option?

'cause 2 months ago I was at gaia 6 hours a day or more....
but now I'm only here like 2 hours a day...
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waaaaaaaay too much time... whee
It's a bit of a worry. 19% spend more than eight hours on gaia a day! eek

For me it differs. 1-2 hours after school, about 4 hours 8 hours total on weekends.

Same here.But am leaveing school in 1 year so then it will be 8 hours.

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