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How long do you spend on Gaia per day?

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This poll closed on June 28, 2004.
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You should put one that says "All of the above added together" lol
Right now I am not at home, I am on vacation in a different state. So, about 2-3 hours. At home about 5-6 hours. gonk

billy bob joe
17% spend 8 or more hours?

But...unless they have a great buisiness, and a whole crapload of RPs, what do they do?
oopsss.. very sry ppls i thought this was in the chater box... but i spend mostly 1-2 hours a day
since i wake up, to about 10 p.m.

with some minor spaces like eating and cleaning going to the stores and my keyboarding class
5-6 hours at the least. whee

I love this site!
I usually spend two to three hours on Gaia a day 3nodding but thats not much compared to some other people eek Gaia is so addictive xp
It all depends on the day for me... I'm rarely on on the weekend... but durring the day, I guess I'm on for a total of 3-4 hours.

All I can say is wow for how many people spend more than 8hrs a day on gaia eek
Funny, I've never timed myself xp
8+ hours?! Geez, there whould be a limit on things like that. It's got to be unhealthy to sit there that long!!
heart heart heart I SPEND 1 ~ 2 HOURS A DAY ON GAIA!!! BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart heart heart
i spend 1 houre every day man some peaple are unusual biggrin
if i counted how many hours i was on here for i would kill my brain
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I've got a job where I've got nothing to do for hours at a time aside from play around on the net. So I'm usually here for most of that. While the job keeps me there for 9 hours, I'd wager I'm on Gaia an average of 7-8 hours. And I'm still not that rich.

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