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How long do you spend on Gaia per day?

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This poll closed on June 28, 2004.
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24/7 (I'm a vampire, I don't need sleep... I hope...)
Oh. Ha Ha. I Like Vampires wink
1-2 hours you guys make me feel like a slacker
Depends on what I do that day
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I spend almost all day on gaia
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almos every day
uhhhh. well, i've only been on during the summer. so probably like 3 hours every day. not straight 3 hours but like gaia here... do something else... gaia again. do something else. it's like that. I really like gaia though! heart
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yay 4th of july time for fireworks !!!
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I'm always on for like....... 24/7...!
this is the first time i have been on in a while, but i normally get on for at least an hour at a time.
probably like an hour. two tops, only if im quite bored though smile smile
Noodleeruuu's avatar

Lonely Phantom

way too long xD
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A few hours a day, every other day
Invalidaccount-nothere's avatar

Devoted Bibliophile

I'd say about an hour or two a day at the most.
ohmysinuses's avatar

Fashionable Businesswoman

at least an hour a day, at the most around like 10 hours 3nodding
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umm i would have to say 45 min-1hr biggrin i know its not alot compared to other gaians but for me it is xp biggrin

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