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How long do you spend on Gaia per day?

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This poll closed on June 28, 2004.
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Thought this would be a fun and informative question for everyone. whee
Thought this would be a fun and informative question for everyone. whee

Heh...it sure is for me!
Yay.One Of the First to psot.And am new.
Since it's summer vacation, today I've been here since I woke up. Lessee, it's been about 13 hours eek .
theres not a "too much" option... xp
wow razz 13 hours
A lot. xd
Uh..Is there an 24/7 button?
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I spend waaay too long on here.

Beats working, I suppose. biggrin
It's a bit of a worry. 19% spend more than eight hours on gaia a day! eek

For me it differs. 1-2 hours after school, about 4 hours 8 hours total on weekends.
Wow......almost 300 people so far have choosen 8+ hours....dam thats a long time...my eyes would get sore....I don't even think I spend that much online a day let alone Gaia!
i spend a lot of time on gaia because i work a lot of 3rds, and when you have to stay up all not, why not get paid to be online, or to play ps2, or something like that, it is always fun!
more than 12 blaugh
3-4 hours I believe.
hmmm...about 5-6 hours at the least... 3nodding

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