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What is your screen resolution?

800 x 600 or smaller 0.12357225624897 12.4% [ 7465 ]
1024 x 768 or higher 0.57026982287701 57.0% [ 34450 ]
I don't know! 0.30615792087403 30.6% [ 18495 ]
Total Votes:[ 60410 ]
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well...most moniters work on 800x600....so why make it bigger? I mean...I'd have to change resolutions every time I go on gaia.... sweatdrop ...
Kailae's avatar

Apocalyptic Phantom

not sure sweatdrop
it's a dell laptop
maybe if u guys cud make a preview page so we can get a good idea
1024x768 ninja
Hello everyone,

All gaia pages today are made to work with 800x600 resoluion. Would it be okay to make the new gaia pages with 1024x768 resolution in mind?

Your answers will help determine our new site re-design!


SWEET! i was the 69th person to choose "i dont know"


YEAH 69!
Gaia related questions would be better for these types of polls... this question is extremely pointless and irrelevant.
AnaChi's avatar

Unsealed Senshi

1024 x 768 smile
Twizted Child Eve
1280x800. heart

But yes, either one is fine.
Yay I'm not the only one heart XD
The second one! xd
Uhhm. 1024X768.

Frankly, I dunno what the meaning is, or the difference, but that's what my dad said it is.

I'm learning Bass guitar, and all the songs I wish to learn (KoRn songs) are 5 string bass tabs, but my brother's 5 string is broken, and all the rest we have are 4 string... gonk
800X600, i can make it 1000Xsomething but my parents wont let me because it makes everything smaller and they are old and blindish
1024 x 768
My screen resolution is exactly 1024 x 768
I have a resolution of 1440 x 900 (17" laptop ^_~)

1024 x 768 would be better for most users though ^_^

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