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What is your screen resolution?

800 x 600 or smaller 0.12358471826789 12.4% [ 7466 ]
1024 x 768 or higher 0.57026749652387 57.0% [ 34451 ]
I don't know! 0.30614778520824 30.6% [ 18495 ]
Total Votes:[ 60412 ]
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Mine's 1024, but I would suggest not making it fit for such.
Perhaps another fluid design as is this one?
I can just see a lot of irritated users who have 800's. >.<
i have 1680 x 1050 I wouldn't mind if some of the pages were made for users with 1024 but i could imagine some very uncomfortable people who have 800
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I think that there should be options, say, on the front page, so you can choose what resolution Gaia should be for you.

Yeah, like Orphious's idea, except some people may use an 800 by 600 at a public place and 1024 by 768 at home. So cookies, maybe?
1024 x 768. heart
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1024x768 plz!

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Though most people now adays have the 800 screen, think of the future, if I were in your position, I would set it up now, because most of these computers are becomming out dated and would soon be obsolete and thrown out anyways. So go with the second 1024x768.
:] 1024 x 768 for the win.
1024 x 768
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1024x768 at the moment. n___n
I have to agree that in smaller screens, such as mine it makes it harder to see towns at the bottom, but i don't care because with f11 I can resi-ze towns to fit on my screen. So as long as you guys make it resizeable with f11 then I'm fine
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Agh, yes, 1024x768 for the win! D: D:
Personally, I like how it shows up when its formatted for an 8oox6oo resolution on a 1024x768 resolution screen.
I have a 1024x768 resolution set for my monitor, and it looks quite nice. Plus, when I have my screen set for 8oox6oo, it has a scroll bar at the bottom of the web page because it's stretched. ): that doesn't tickle my fancy.
Since it seems to work with it now and it would mess up people with 800x600, that seems beter.

No idea.
They're both great biggrin
Whatever the people say, I agree with.

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