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What is your screen resolution?

800 x 600 or smaller 0.12361113410939 12.4% [ 7465 ]
1024 x 768 or higher 0.57031676905499 57.0% [ 34442 ]
I don't know! 0.30607209683562 30.6% [ 18484 ]
Total Votes:[ 60391 ]
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I have 1024 x 768. So yeah.
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I think the site should be made to fit 800x600 users as well as the higher ones.

My resolution is 1024x768 by the way.
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i have 1024 by 768

but i like the gaia layout sizing gonk heart
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...1024x768 sounds good to me. <3
[O RLY?]
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Although I still have a monitor that runs 640x400. I can play Kings Quest, and type stuff on it, but that's it. xB Fun conversation piece, though. Makes a good doorstop too.
1024x768. :3
I have 1280x800, so yeah, 1024x768 sounds good to me.
800 x 600, but I change it to 1024 x 768 to play towns. ninja
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1024 x 768. 3nodding It's so cozy. XDD There're four little accounts on this machine, and I'm the only one with this setting. Everything below that is just gargantuan! ><; I don't like having to scroll a hundred years to get to what I'm trying to get to. Especially when pixeling. XD
1024x768 here.
1024 x 768
NOO D: please no ~ Let us have an option of some sort if it is possible. (Like how we got to have a html or flash option)

The town / fishing / other things are already in that format, and my dad doesn't let me change to 1024x768, and he gets mad when I do >.o

I think the Gaia layout looks fine on my school laptop, and it is set as 1024x768. The only problem with that is that it is a school laptop and I don't always have internet available, I can't load towns on it... etc.
Wow...it's a Le Baron.

Another new layout? gonk
I was just getting use to this one. sweatdrop

Oh, and by the way, I use 1152 x 684. whee 3nodding

Bet your boots it's a Le Baron. Good car. Convertible.
Could you make an option-choice thing? Like, you can go into your profile page, and account options. Then, one of the options could set which resolution of gaia you want to see? Sort of like the world filtering, or the Time Zones.

Because it's hard for me to see anything on the 1000-something resolution gaia's made to fit now. My eyes already have enough trouble. sweatdrop
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1024x768 here also. biggrin

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