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What is your screen resolution?

800 x 600 or smaller 0.12357021072321 12.4% [ 7465 ]
1024 x 768 or higher 0.57027693631954 57.0% [ 34451 ]
I don't know! 0.30615285295724 30.6% [ 18495 ]
Total Votes:[ 60411 ]
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Wahoo! Postedness! xp
I don't mind either way
It should be 800 by 600.

Those with the bigger screen resolution can deal with a smaller resolution, while those with a smaller resolution cannot handle a bigger one so easily.
1024x768 3nodding
1680x1050, thats my size
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yes...a better formatted system would be most beneficial!
Well you could make it customizable by users. When they log on, Gaia displays in a certain way. For example I have 1600x1200 and Gaia is all bunched up on the left side of my browser. The right is all empty space... biggrin
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Bwahahaha to my Widescreen LCD with 1280x768 res biggrin
I prefer the Higher screen resolutions myself. My computer is 1024 x 768. So I would like to have the site in that format.
The only thing going bigger would do is make those poor 800x600 people have to scroll. With the current resolution, there's just extra side stuff.

I already think the screen is too big here; the scroll bars kill my computer. I can't even see most of gaia towns because of how big it is. -_____-
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Go for the high!
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My new laptop has a screen resolution of 1280 by 800. It's widescreen. cool
It doesnt matter.As long as I can still shop. blaugh
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Can't we change it to what we want? I like small things way better
^_^ 1024 x 768 ^_^

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