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Do you use the Gaia Downloads Page?

Yes, My favorite part is the Crafts! 0.078360080240722 7.8% [ 625 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Posters! 0.042126379137412 4.2% [ 336 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Wallpapers! 0.12775827482447 12.8% [ 1019 ]
Yes, I love it all! 0.31607321965898 31.6% [ 2521 ]
Forget the question I just want Gold! 0.43568204613842 43.6% [ 3475 ]
Total Votes:[ 7976 ]
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I would like to see more Paper Crafts. They are fun and adorable. Plus they actually help advertise zOMG a bit. I got asked quite a few times what I was making.

Everyone Say Hi to Kippy the paper OMG:

User Image
Wasn't aware of a Gaia download page. I'll go look at it now.
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Sparkly Gaian

I'd like to see more paper crafts that aren't just zOMG characters, to be honest.
Wallpapers and concept art and cutouts and all that jazz is awesome. User Image
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Found it long ago and loved every bit of it! smile
There are some wonderfully creative and talented people at Gaia.
Of course, you already knew that. wink

I echo those who've said they'd like to see more concept drawings....especially some of the artwork for the RIGS.

I'd also like it very much if Gaia would consider making some of their artworks available in the form of actual posters and lithographs that we could purchase from either the store or at IRL events.
It seems like kind of a no-brainer from a revenue stream standpoint, and I'm surprised it's not already being done.
Heck, while we're at it, why not Gaia Greeting Cards?
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Like others have said, I didn't know that the page existed. Now that I have found it I really like all three sections.
I never knew about the downloads page until now. I love it all! Though I wish there were more in the Paper Crafts section.
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I remember downloading a bunch of the wallpaper artwork a looong time ago, but never thought about that page until reading this sticky.

Thanks for sharing. I love that page. <3
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by chance, can the event backgrounds be added to the downloads section? like there are two styles from valentine's and now here for easter. the background art is really cute and would make nice computer wallpaper. like, include all the random event art, even throw in the background from the heaven forum and mini events.

(background forum art from event forums)
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I got a few wallpapers when they first came out, and I would like to see some more of them.
I really love the art in Gaia Downloads page, but I wish it had regular updates.

My favourite sections are wallpapers and paper crafts, but mini games (like the Sentinel & Hoboverseer one from the Christmas event) and other official art (in MC/RIG/EI/Puzzles/town flags[Durem, Barton, etc.]) would be a fantastic addition with the current downloads.

Overall, downloads is a great way to showcase the variety of characters on Gaia. I wouldn't mind seeing minor characters have more spotlight, unlike the usual: Ian, Rufus, Sasha, Liam, Moira

ps. I want wallpaper art for Twister the Phoenix item. ;- )
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I have all of that stuff saved on my PC. mrgreen

I really like the wallpapers; it would be great to see more of those, in higher resolutions too. My favourite things on there are the paper crafts; I would really love more of those. Especially a paper Kiki and Coco, and maybe a Grunny and a Water Meat. 3nodding

I like the idea of putting official MC art on there too. We have it in the gallery but those are usually pretty small.
Paper crafts are awesome!
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I love the wallpapers! I downloaded a bunch of them a while ago. It would be great to have some new ones. heart

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