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Do you use the Gaia Downloads Page?

Yes, My favorite part is the Crafts! 0.078369905956113 7.8% [ 625 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Posters! 0.042131661442006 4.2% [ 336 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Wallpapers! 0.12777429467085 12.8% [ 1019 ]
Yes, I love it all! 0.31598746081505 31.6% [ 2520 ]
Forget the question I just want Gold! 0.43573667711599 43.6% [ 3475 ]
Total Votes:[ 7975 ]
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Wordstreamer~Nifty Fairy~
I've loved it since I first saw it back when I came out--more updates would be nice, though. <3 I definitely love the wallpapers section; I'll admit that I haven't tried the crafts yet.

this. more updates to it.
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Angelic Phantom

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The paper crafts are cute. I would like to see more printable stuff.
I purr at the posters! They are all so amazingly done and high quality! MEOWBOOK FTW
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when you said meowbook wallpapers, i was hoping to see a cat wallpaper with the meowbook logo on it.
User Image They shoulda used my cat Maui!
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I like the wallpapers and posters, and haven't yet tried the crafts, so I don't know about them, but yes, it would be nice if there were more of all three, especially the more unusual prints. 3nodding
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PaganPrefect's Husband

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I love it! I'm glad you guys put up the walls from old events cause I lost all mine when my computer went on the fritz. Now I have them again! Yay!

I would even love to see more put on there from other EIs/RIGs and what not! I'm not joking when I say this, but you guys should make an artbook with like art from stuff like this or even development sketches and things for items and zOMG! I'd buy it. *gets wallet out*
Nikunya's avatar

Wicked Girl

I use some of the wallpapers and I do like the art from the Posters section.

Perhaps a section with just art. NPC designs, random sketches, EI art, Rig art, etc. That would be neat.
An updated Wallpaper section would be great too. Like a new wallpaper for events and maybe RIG artwork. I'd love some NPC wallpapers. Great for personal fandom. heart I want a Brennivin Wallpaper for my computer.....
Pirate_Kitty_Katty's avatar

Dangerous Genius

Downloads page? There's a downloads page???

**scurries off to check the link**

OOOO!! Shiny!!!

Those papercrafts look great! I can't wait to try them, once I get my printer fixed up.

I love the posters, too...I can print those out to decorate my computer/gaming area. Or bedroom. Or lots of other places.

Y you no make this easier to find? scream

I would love to see more papercrafts and posters. And an easier way to find that page, please?
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Please update it more! I love it. heart
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I love all the art heart I only wish there was more! I agree that adding the MC, EI and RIG art would be a great idea. (you know we horde a lot of that already right? xD) I love the crafts, so cute, I will make some this summer, I swear!

Give us more art please! *cough* Bitterfrost art *cough* >.>

p.s. oh right! Advertise about the art page more! I don't think some of the users know about it, it should have a link on the home page at least.
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update more wallpapers please? heart

CI Characters, and Major NPCs should be added!
Gundamu's avatar

Supportive Seeker

Can we please have the Anime Player background as a wallpaper for download in different sizes and not fading at the bottom?
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Just noticed now that that place even exists! Awesome wallpapers, I was immediately grabbing Gogh Reed themed and setting it to my computer.

Would like to see more wallpapers about items.

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