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Do you use the Gaia Downloads Page?

Yes, My favorite part is the Crafts! 0.078671328671329 7.9% [ 630 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Posters! 0.042207792207792 4.2% [ 338 ]
Yes, My favorite part is the Wallpapers! 0.1274975024975 12.7% [ 1021 ]
Yes, I love it all! 0.31555944055944 31.6% [ 2527 ]
Forget the question I just want Gold! 0.43606393606394 43.6% [ 3492 ]
Total Votes:[ 8008 ]
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Hey everyone we wanted to take a few minutes and ask for your feedback with regards to the Gaia Downloads / Artist Corner Page.

Do you use the Gaia Downloads Page?


If so which section do you like best the Posters, Crafts or Wallpapers?

Also please give us your feedback below with regards to what else you would like to see on the Downloads page.

Thanks for your feedback and for helping us make Gaia the best site ever!
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I love the Gaia wallpapers~ 8D
I wish some of them didn't have the years on them, but I'll use them anyways.
Both my mom and I used this one for Halloween
User Image
...And she doesn't even go on Gaia. She just thought it was the cutest thing ever. User Image
I'd love to see more Holiday/EI ones. ninja
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I definitely love the wallpapers on the download page. The paper crafts are a nice touch as well.

Could there perhaps be a contest in the future to create wallpaper to add to the download page? I'd definitely enter something like that to share to other people as well as see what other artists dish out.
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I'd love to have the official art in there too, like the drawings for the mc's or from rigs.
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Would be nice to have a few more things. I might be inclined to use one of the wallpapers if I wasn't so attached to the spectacular Calvin and Hobbes fanart I have up now. Also... if there were more.

I love the pinup stuff in the posters and wallapaers. I'd love to see more pinups.

I agree on the official art. If we had some of that there. Like the MC art. Often, we don't get to see the entire image for a new MC cause it's cropped, and/or covered in words.

Maybe the lost manga can go in there, as well as the comic made for CoP.

I think I'd be particularly happy if there was a huge art dump. Like if the artists were given a week to just do stuff for the downloads page. As must stuff as they wanted. Even little things such as icons and stickers. Then bam, unload on us users.

Also... how about the winning artwork used in the zOMG splashpage and puzzle contests? That'd be great.
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I love the Gaia Downloads page!
I came across it one day, and I went through and enlarged all the wallpapers, because I thought they were adorable.

The wallpapers section is my favorite.

I'd love to see maybe cute little sprites or pixelated animations?
Like the airship ones from the frontier skies event.
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Yep, I mainly use it for the backgrounds!
Not the current ones though... I've got an Easter Bunny background. wink
Hail E CORP~
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I...didn't know that page even existed. sweatdrop
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as far as the downloads section goes, i downloaded a couple wallpapers once. and i agree with the other peeps who suggested that more "official" (mc/event/rig) art is available for dl to use as wallpapers.

as far as artists' corner goes. it'd be really nice to see somethings like sketches that help the artists develop the items they make. or you know just more (recent) work. but mostly the "behind the scenes" stuff. like story boarding for the manga, or random sketches. just more stuff than is available now through hidden village and the artists corner.
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I love the wallpaper section, I just wish they were available for larger resolutions. (I'm on 1920x1080, personally, but I think 1920x1200 is more common.)
That probably can't be changed for the ones already made, but maybe it'd be possible to keep this in mind for the future?
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Greedy Capitalist

I like the wallpapers, I agree with everyone else though it'd be nice to have some new wallpapers of the official MC/RIG/CI/Event pictures.
Maybe add some of those art card pictures too (the art cards that you can only get at the conventions and no where else?)
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Crafts. It was fun making the OMG. biggrin . Just wish you had more crafts there then just 3.
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Really I wasn't aware that the download page existed in the first place. But I do like the crafts area and would love to see more of that .

I agree with the others, some art from the MCS in the downloads page would be nice.
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Unholy Fairy

I've loved it since I first saw it back when I came out--more updates would be nice, though. <3 I definitely love the wallpapers section; I'll admit that I haven't tried the crafts yet.
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I like wallpaper like these: User Image
Where the image is to the right hand side and not to the center.
Because if it was to the center all my about me, comments, friend section would cover the background picture.

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