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Games you want on Gaia

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This poll closed on February 11, 2005.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Ragnarok, Anito, and other RPG games..

Puzzle games Rulzzz... twisted
sport biggrin
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I would like Tetris ALOT but anything fun I would not mind...Word games I would kick butt in but arcade sounds fun, too.

Let's Get Ready To Bumble. xd
Puzzel games =]
Or arcade games... cant decide XD
card games sound really cool, as do the puzzles.
we should have a monopoly game in which we put in our own 2000 gaia gold to start with and we end up with whatever we have at the end of the game...
lol, kinda expensive game to play... but still kinda interesting
<center> Most definitely, Card games.
<center> gonk
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I voted arcade though sports sounds fun as well. :3
I voted for arcade, but let me see some gambling!
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I can't honestly vote on this poll, because they didn't put in an option for
'I don't want games on Gaia'

...or to elaborate, I don't want to see Games on Gaia, because it will totally change what Gaia is. I fell in love with Gaia in December of 2003, and have had to sit by and watch them spend the donation money I've sent in to slowly destroy the site, and take away everything I loved about it.

I truly believe that if more games are released on Gaia, that it will become even more like NeoPets... and that the amount of bratty teenagers and prepubescent little kids on Gaia will triple... and the site will be totally unusable for everyone else... just like NeoPets is these days.

Since Gaia started adding in NeoPets-Knock-Offs like the friendslist, the guilds, the fishing game, and the new 'kiddy' site theme... not to mention promises of Gaia Homes and a Gaia Battle System ...the younger users have flocked in by the droves, and places like the Chatterbox and the Discussion forums are totally unusable to anyone but kids, and juvenal delinquents now. sad

I just can't fathom how continuing down this path of copying NeoPets is going to do anything but destroy everything Gaia originally was... and everything the older users like myself loved about it.

Even now, with the way things have diminished on Gaia in the last 8-10 months, I'm forced to spend all my time in the one decent adult guild I've found on Gaia... and I don't even come out into these forums but once in a long time... because I get nothing but harassment from annoying children, and spam from people begging me to "Jion teh guld thy made cuz its the grateest guild on gaia an u can spam and bump and chat for gold there!" gonk

board games!! domokun

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