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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68368869239481 68.4% [ 125569 ]
No 0.31631130760519 31.6% [ 58095 ]
Total Votes:[ 183664 ]
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Yes, i have one x3
I have a sony phone with verizon it has great games on it
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Yep, I just got a new phone!
GaH!! I have no cell phone stare .. stare .. biggrin I can steal my sisters!
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i have net 10... pre-paid is good. well for me it is. and i have text messages too.
yes... i have a cell phone... and his name is Gloomy! xd 3nodding heart
I dont have a cell phone but if you all start doing things for them....I think I;ll have to get me one biggrin
yes, I do but I won't play anything on it. First of all, it doesn't have the capacity for games, and second of all, I only use it for emergencies... just because you own a cell doesn't mean you play games on it. You have to take that into consideration. A better question to ask would be "Do you play games on your cell" or "are you interested in new features for your cell", to which I would have said no.
i have 2 altho one got covered in hot chocolat tht made it ******** up on me!!! scream and its a Nokia 3300!!!!!!!! the best MP3 player phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"This character has been rated N.....for Ninja ninja "
I actually just got mine a few months ago, I never really had any need for it until now.
Nope, but I'm begging for one. Talk about radiation though. gonk
me i don't have a cell
i would like to but it doen't worth it for me
but we have one for all the family and we used very rarely
and i really have a hard time to know how it work even if normaly I don't have problem with technology, I have problem with cell phone crying lol
I have one, but it's just for emergencies. So...I probably won't be using it much for games.
Psh i wish razz Losers jk

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