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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68369041461356 68.4% [ 125570 ]
No 0.31630958538644 31.6% [ 58095 ]
Total Votes:[ 183665 ]
i thought everyone had cells eek
Only in Japan domokun

in here too...you may be really poor but damn you have a cell domokun
I'd like something that's available for people who have old, 2D, black and white screen phones.. like trivia or something.
rolleyes I wish.. my damn parents are so strict I probably won't be getting one till I'm 16! crying damn them.. stare
While I'd love to get the cell phone features you guys are proposing, sadly I'm going to have to say that I don't have the time or the cash to do so. I don't even send text messages on my phone due to the cost. Probably in a few years when I have a solid job finally lined up, I'll consider it, but until I'm getting a salary rather than an hourly pay, I'm going to have to say I wouldn't actually use it.
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I have a cell phone but I really have no options with it, outside of just calling others ;>_>
whoot! I've got a cell phone! lol
No I don't have a cell phone... gonk
I got a cell two months ago. I just got a bill that says I went on 66 websites this month...I didn't even use the web rofl. They even charge me 10$ a month got access to 911?? Its messed...
Simply put it would be great if we could all Check our gaia mail from our cell phones...because there are times that i have things i want to check on and cant because i have no computer around me at that moment
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I just got a cell phone a month ago. I don't understand the point in havingit if my mom only gives me 100 minutes... gonk
I use to have a cell phone but I had to cancel my services. My dog was a smart one and jumped through a window... couldn't afford his medical bills and cell phone bills at the same time after that. (He cut his leg severing his tendants and cutting open an artery and damaging muscle). But I use to have a Go Phone.. I think the service was Cingular even though it was suppose to be AT&T.. I got ripped off but that's a long story.

I do, however, think it's a really good idea to add cell phone games on here and I think the forums should also be accessable from a cell. *dances*
I have a cell phone but it's pre-pay and I'm a bit broke, anyone want to buy me a new $30 card? lol
I would love to check my Gaia mail from my cell!! heart blaugh You guys would be like 10x cooler because of that!
yeah, I have one and it's full anime pics and songs and has a lot of games xd
yes i have a cell phone and my uncle pays for it last month the bill was $500 he didnt care LOL
yes I do But no internet.

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