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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68373207043902 68.4% [ 125605 ]
No 0.31626792956098 31.6% [ 58100 ]
Total Votes:[ 183705 ]
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yes domokun
i heart my cell
i've got a cell with games
I would love some cool gaia stuff for my cell phone...
cool Yeah- I have a cell phone with text, and free minutes after 9pm
no have 1 crying !Sad thing is I probably wouldnt use it if I did have one. I have no social life
No i dont... <.<;
Gah. I just have a trac phone crying
I don t have one but if I have one I will not use it
I have one...
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I have a cell phone and make plenty of use of it. I'd LOVE to see gaia cell phone features, but they will have to be available for everyone and not just Americans. I'm tired of seeing cell phone features being realeased on websites that are only open for Americans.
man! You all are luckey! *wishes she had a cell* *sighs* parents won't buy me one...
No mobile. I have a phone in my flat and if people can't reach me there than that's just too bad.
i have a cell phone and i can use the web if i wanted to but it cost so much so what i think it shouled be able to be sent to the phone with out having to use the internet on the phone!
I have an unlimited Text and Web Broswer. You would have to have it change your Ping images to Jpeg or bmp so it can be displayed on cell phone. I would like to do this and it would be fun and a waste of time.. which is why I am on this. *sighs* Well that and my friends are on it so why not

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