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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68368580389424 68.4% [ 125563 ]
No 0.31631419610576 31.6% [ 58093 ]
Total Votes:[ 183656 ]
Hello everyone,

Recently we had been thinking of adding cool cell phone games and services for Gaia users. Please help us take a little survey for us to know if you have a cell phone and what kind of extra cell phone services do you use.

Please click here for the survey

Thank you for your time!

- Lanzer

why can`t we like deposit money on them banks? hahaha jw.
i have kingdom hearts for the phone yay
domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
blaugh blaugh blaugh sad sad sad
ahmm si, mi celular es very nice xd de hecho, tengo dos, asi que creo que deberia votar dos veces Xd (oro ! $_$ xd(no es cierto n.nUu)) es muy util tener celular! aunque se vuelve molesto cuando te hablan demasiado n.xUu
domokun heart
domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
OMFG! My Dad is pure evil and refuses 2 by me 1!!!
(evil) evil 4laugh im cute!
yup, i got a moterolla celly phone, flips open, but i can't go online with it anymore..
heart heart domokun domokun domokun
it should be a law that everyone has a phone..what if we get stranded somewere, we need phones to call help rofl
domokun surprised domokun heart blaugh -([]:: smile *ring ring*
heart domokun
heart domokun domokun domokun

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