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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68368580389424 68.4% [ 125563 ]
No 0.31631419610576 31.6% [ 58093 ]
Total Votes:[ 183656 ]
yup i got a cell- but my mom took off the .net and textmessaging stressed
I haveth a cellie phone. Stupid phone bills.. those wonderful things..
CELL PHONE ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil evil evil evil evil
Yush, I have a cell phone! well...they're called mobiles here and I have 2...I'ma bit of a lucky bish. sweatdrop I hardly use them though.. 3nodding
i have a cell phone, never use it though. it's pay by the minute or whatever and all i know is how to turn it on and off whee
Oh, the glory of having a cellphone. <.< Yeah, I don't have one but I wish I did. Though I would barely use it anyways. xp
Not allowed to have a cell........ stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed
I dont have a cell, but it would be cool to see gaia games on them.. Who knows.. I might pick one up! 3nodding
I actually have 2 whee
No...stinkin' cheapo parents...
ay an i can play gaia on it too some one 1 alk to me caus i am really getting board and and omg i just died on my fable game
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no i dont have a cell phone... crying but my parents say im gunna get one soon! xd
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CELL PHONE ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil evil evil evil evil
did u get that from water boy??? lol haha surprised
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I have a cell phone.

And I miss it, since a 400 dollar phone bill made it go away.

Damn friends.

Always have to talk to me. whee
I have a cell, whee but unfortunatley it's not a very good one. But hey, better than nothing right?

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