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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68373723517756 68.4% [ 125608 ]
No 0.31626276482244 31.6% [ 58100 ]
Total Votes:[ 183708 ]
i have a verizon flipphone. i named it flippy. 4laugh ooooooooooooooooooooh...i'm the FIRST on page 101!!!Go ME! GO ME! GO ME! *does a little dance*lol
I have a cell phone it is also a flip phone...only I don't name it flippy...
I have a cell phone it is also a flip phone...only I don't name it flippy...
*give the finger*
i had one that didnt work then lost it
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sadly i do not own a cell phone V.V
InuYasha Fangirl
I HAVE A CELLPHONE!!!!! blaugh its a cingular flip phone!^^ 4laugh
me to and it has text on it
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rolleyes I dont kneed a cell, not just becuase it costs too much, i dont have one becuase i have no reason to own one! eek so yeah i dont care... neutral
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I'm gonna get a cellular in several years, but right now, my parents think I'm too young. crying
yes I got one and I'm happy cause I got a cell phone !!!!!!!!!! biggrin xd whee
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me? cell phone? HAH! too young.
it stinks not to have one too crying
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I heart my cell. Can't use the internet though.
Aye, I do.
I hardly use it, though... xP

My cell is pink.
So, I named it Pepto Bismol.
And it has a fuzzy MonkeyBear charm, Boo.

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