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Do you have a cell phone?

Yes 0.68373695641524 68.4% [ 125610 ]
No 0.31626304358476 31.6% [ 58101 ]
Total Votes:[ 183711 ]
Yeah, so stop calling me for ramen lanzer. D:<
Yes exclaim Is of centennial. I like to speak for my cell phone! 4laugh
I have a cell but i only have a demo game and i text. My dad pays so i don't really have anything on it....at least not yet...hehehe ^_^.
i have one but in england we call them mobiles and i only use mine to text. its great!! has bluetooth, and can take pictures and everything!
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I've got a cell phone... no games on it tho unfortunately sweatdrop my parents don't like me playing games... they don't even like me playing on Gaia... they say it's too addicting... i agree... but it's frickin awesome xd
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o_o A cell phone? No, unfortunately.. and I happen to be the only one in my family who doesn't have one. ><; My older sister does, because she has her drivers' license.. Nyehhh. -makes a face at her.-

I hope I'll get one soon though. Ahaha. =b
blaugh biggrin i have a mobile biggrin blaugh
i'v lost mine =_=
I have a mobile but i never use it.
No. I hate the damn things, and I'd only get one if it was absolutely necessary, and then I'd only use it for the necessary functions. D:
i have a cell phone
I have a mobile phone, it's essentially the same thing, but with a more sensible name :p
heart I have a cell phone, it used to be my life, but now it is a home phone mostly used for texting, and downloading ringtones, and background ( mostly TNBC Stuff) heart
my phone sux big time crying domokun ninja

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