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Are you interested in Gaia merchandise?

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This poll closed on June 25, 2004.
No longer accepting new votes.
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i would love too... wheres that tho
I would like to se things like a rock puppy or hand bags with your avatar on it. But I'd love to have a phone cover too!! heart 3nodding
And yes I can buy things online. biggrin I'd pay up to 15.00 for a rock puppy,
15.00 for a hand bag and 25.00 for a phone cover! wink

:hint - hint - hint:
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I would really like to have a Gaia t-shirt. 3nodding
i dont really care

xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd
I would but i can't really buy anything online as of now. crying
I would love to have a real gaia shirt but I can't buy anything online crying
i'd love to have a real panda hat cool

if gaia sent out real panda hats, gaia would become my religion and Lanzer would become my God. eek
Hey... are you going to be doing Otakon by any chance?
i'd be laughing if gaia merchandising went for mcdonalds....

i want a REAL OMG and PANDA hat!! i'd pay a lot for those...show it off to my friends...saying hahaha in their faces kuz they couldnt get a cool hat like mine...buahHhahah... cant wait... whee
Sure, i can buy on and offline....fox stuff would be great, because Foxes are the greatest animals on the planet besides us humans.....trust me i know it for a fact... smile
I guess I wouldn't buying something at Expo so long as I can afford it and it is of good quality...
i dont no y we had to vote 4 this. i thought it was about shopping so i voted for t-shirt cause there was no tank tops and staff. sweatdrop i knew i was smart.
depends how much =D
I can't do online buying, cuz i don't know how, and my parents don't want me to buy online or something, so yeah...
yes i realy do but i realy cant pay

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