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Are you interested in Gaia merchandise?

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This poll closed on June 25, 2004.
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What the heck is this thing about?
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Gaia will be selling T-shirts and posters at Anime Expo 2004. We're currently wondering if there are Gaia users who are interested in buying these merchandise on-line.

I would buy items and merchandise from gaia, plus a shop online would help the people that want to buy, but can't afford to go to expo's ^^
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Mhm, that'll be incredible. ^^
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I wish you guys would partner with like f.y.e or something to sell gear. that would be amazing
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it would be cool if gaia could make a game for the nintendo 3DS like zomg for handheld systems i would also thank plushies would sell as well
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Yeah! biggrin I will buy.
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so it is real life items in that shop and not in game items lol could be cool if it not only was to usa
I don't think I'd buy any Gaia merchandise outside of this virtual world... not yet atleast... not that involved... yet
It would be cool, but I wouldn't buy it.
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I would love if I could buy fluff stuffed animals

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