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Are you interested in Gaia merchandise?

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This poll closed on June 25, 2004.
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I might buy a gaia based hat like the AFK or Panda if they were for sell but otherwise I doubt I'd buy anything. I'm not really into buying things from sites that I go on sweatdrop
I'd romp a Gaia tee.
I would mind some Gaia merchandise, but I don't want this website to turn into 'neopets.' Neopets was okay, until it got too commercialised.

Just don’t let the merchandise be crappy.

yes the merchendise must be good. and there has to be a way for people to get it without using paypal or what ever
Catsey Asakura
Duel-Wielder: Acessories with spikes and Gothic clothes are my kinda thing

Catsey Asakura: er...Cat Items are mine. But since I'm a newbie better take is slow.

Duel-Wielder: Well...Logo's are cool and all that but most of those should be giftwrapped and sent to all of us, as a present. Most of us post our Avatars on our websites (like me 3nodding ) Plus it would get more users on the site. Good idea if you ask me. xd More buddies!! xd

Catsey: stare Sure...

3nodding Took the words right out my mouth Catsey... eek ... sweatdrop literrally...
A t-shirt to out yourseelf as a Gaian in real life. heart I can`t buy stuff online though. I`d have to wait until there is another possibility to get them.
And it would be cool to get special items for buying merchandise.
Gaia will be selling T-shirts and posters at Anime Expo 2004. We're currently wondering if there are Gaia users who are interested in buying these merchandise on-line.

yes gaia merchendise online.... and offline?
I think gaia merchandise would be cool. Keep the quality though. I guess most people just worry about making money, then the quality goes down. I would soooo buy a poster and a hat. Gaia hats are amazing. THey rock my socks.
I would LOVE to buy ANY Gaia merchandise online.
i'd love to have a real panda hat cool

Genki Gang has three versions of them. 3nodding
T-Shirts stressed
i think everybody is going to get some gaia merchandise as long as it is as cool as the ones that you have on the virtual gaia market!! try to do your best to copy those items to the matrix zise wink
It would be cool to have Gaian Tshirts! But I can't buy stuff off the internet.
If you were selling gaia bracelets or necklaces,I might buy.
I would like to buy them online. I live on the East Coast of the USA so I can't afford to go to those distant California cons. neutral

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