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Are you interested in Gaia merchandise?

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This poll closed on June 25, 2004.
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I want to buy gaia stuff but i cant buy it online crying
bump on you bump like mad bump
Gaia will be selling T-shirts and posters at Anime Expo 2004. We're currently wondering if there are Gaia users who are interested in buying these merchandise on-line.

when i save up the money i'd by a shirt and poster online. but just out of curiosity... where does the money go? i hope, and asume, it gos twords keeping gaia up and running, so if thats where it goes id be happy to buy something. especially because i cant get to places like anime expo. (not YET! anyway! stare )
If I could attend the Expo and had money to spare, I would definitely buy a T-shirt...>_<
I wish I could buy stuff online... crying

If I could buy... I'd probably buy everything. sweatdrop xd
Okay, THIS is my closest post to Lanzer ever. xD

I would love to buy Gaia stuff, really! But I'm unable to, for I can't buy stuff online.. crying gonk Why don't you guys start a shop in Holland?! heart
I'd buy fairy wings....

i unno when i'd use them though
i guess that would be an interesting thign to do...... but i dont think i would buy anything ... sorry..
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if you could make patches, buttons, or bags, as an alternative to t-shirts, that would be great. I'd love a t-shirt, but I need a larger one than whats typically stocked.
Would be nice but do not turn into neopets, it was a nice site but now it's overloaded with ads to buy their stuff.

Anyone remember the Xmas charol oddhatter wrote?
Why didn't they lissen? gonk
First part of the comic
most important part of the comic
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I would love to have A T'shirt ...yeah heart
interesting poll
I like the virtual aspect, though it would be funny to see someone walking down the street with their avatar on their chest and a logo that says: www.GAIAONLINE.com

Then I'd say, "HEY! I know that site....I visit that site. You gotta see that site!"

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