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Are you interested in Gaia merchandise?

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This poll closed on June 25, 2004.
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Gaia will be selling T-shirts and posters at Anime Expo 2004. We're currently wondering if there are Gaia users who are interested in buying these merchandise on-line.
Yeah i would love a new way to help gaia.
Totally. whee

I'm wondering how this would work with the donation system, though. o.o
I would mind some Gaia merchandise, but I don't want this website to turn into 'neopets.' Neopets was okay, until it got too commercialised.

Just don’t let the merchandise be crappy.
NO DY 3nodding
i'd love to have a real panda hat cool
As long as they're high quality, & nice t-shirts, I'd probably buy a few. Make them sort of reasonable though - like $15, or so? ^-^; And for posters, maybe $5-10? I know they're harder to ship... sweatdrop

And it'd be awesome if you got a donation letter for buying stuff. ^-^ I mean, if you spend that much money, it's got to be worth one!

And of course - Gaia-inspired items, like the hats would be very cool to be able to buy! lol I can't afford an OMG hat on Gaia, but I'd shell out $25+ for a real one!

And other merchandise... ;.; Don't go there. Sponser links are cool, but I don't think Neopets-like endorsements are the way for Gaia to go.
I would love to buy a T-shirt xd
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I'm interested in Gaia merchandise, I would buy out for items with real money whee
but would they ship other places other then the USA?
I wouldnt mind like gaia bracelets.
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i'd love to have a real panda hat cool
Ditto, But not on the web. I 'm only a kid so I can't buy that stuff
I voted that I wouldn't be interested in merchandise, but I think I may have changed my mind.

Instead of the usual T-shirts and posters, I would totally buy something like seal slippers or an angelic scarf... You should turn some of that stuff into merchandise...That would be pretty cool. heart
It all depends on price, quality and avaiability for me. I'm not too interested in buying a shirt for $30.00 + an additional $20.00 for shipping especially if the shirt will fall appart after one round in the washing machine.

But if everything is reasonable, I may end up picking up some merchandise eventually.
I would love to buy Gaia merchandise 3nodding as long as it's a reasonable price, and the stuff isn't cheap in quality. I'd like to see some of the popular items, like the seal and penguin slippers. Stuff like that.That would be awsome wink
i would buy it, but cant buy stuff online sweatdrop but i would try to trick my friends into buying it for me.

and Plz dont turn into a neopets.

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