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If Gaia was offered in non English languages which language would you prefer?

Spanish 0.15854371113941 15.9% [ 10582 ]
Italian 0.02987489699603 3.0% [ 1994 ]
French 0.098584163607761 9.9% [ 6580 ]
German 0.07588583414488 7.6% [ 5065 ]
Japanese 0.25336729343022 25.3% [ 16911 ]
Russian 0.022578470297401 2.3% [ 1507 ]
Hindi 0.0090643493894674 0.9% [ 605 ]
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) 0.046160761105701 4.6% [ 3081 ]
Other 0.1213274402577 12.1% [ 8098 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.18461307963143 18.5% [ 12322 ]
Total Votes:[ 66745 ]
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Anxious Friend

why there is a 'hindi' option, but not a 'portuguese' option? confused

I don't know what to vote. I'm brazilian, but I'm pretty much ok with english (even though it's my second language)'

but if gaia really wants to spread other languages... spanish, french, portuguese, german, japanese and chinese are a must. then you can insert italian, korean, hindi, russian eventually.

Just because it would look totally bad-a**.
German~ Considering I'm learning it.
i picked francez cuz ðat's ðe only oðer language i can speak ~3~
but japanese'd be pretty coo'
any of ðem really P:
except spanish and italian cuz ðey're boring
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Beloved Phantom

User Image

中文 ftw. Its a very sexy language~
German. I'm taking classes on the langauge next year and then I'd be able to study by going on a site I already love :3
That and German is possibly the most awesome language there is, and it's used commonly here on the interwebs.
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I only know English... well and American Sign Language but that's kind of hard to use on an internet site. So whatever the majority wants is fine by me even though I wouldn't be able to understand it.
Megami Yari's avatar

Dapper Shapeshifter

Swedish, because then I could actually understand most of it.
Or, maybe Japanese, since this is an anime styled site, after all.
French, I guess. Define "offered in other languages" though. You don't mean having a bunch of NPCs running around saying "OH MY GOD! DON KURO IS SO KAWAII~~~DESU!" do you? talk2hand
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Devoted Carnivore

Naturally, one of the largest percentages is going to be 'Japanese' xd This IS an anime based site, after all
Why not Haitian or Cape Verdean Creole?
I'm studying Japanese, so that'd be interesting. Despite my lack of linguistic intelligence though, I'd love for it to be in German! heart Haha.

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