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If Gaia was offered in non English languages which language would you prefer?

Spanish 0.15853932752702 15.9% [ 10576 ]
Italian 0.029861038240717 3.0% [ 1992 ]
French 0.098577403348873 9.9% [ 6576 ]
German 0.075911796009534 7.6% [ 5064 ]
Japanese 0.25336911061476 25.3% [ 16902 ]
Russian 0.022590654934117 2.3% [ 1507 ]
Hindi 0.0090692410319447 0.9% [ 605 ]
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) 0.046140700655084 4.6% [ 3078 ]
Other 0.12137792501761 12.1% [ 8097 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.18456280262034 18.5% [ 12312 ]
Total Votes:[ 66709 ]
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russianrussianrussianrussianrussianrussianrussian scream emo
I kinda want the forums offered in other languages. That way you can have a Q&A in your own language... a SF... ED... Exchange... GCD... etc. The only problem is having mods and staff that speak those languages.

But it would be great for people who have been scammed or hacked to file a report and discuss the problem with someone who speaks their language. It'd be a massive effort though. Since mods still need to be run by the Gaia staff and the staff have to understand what the mods are saying in order to prevent the mods from breaking the rules.
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I think multilingual mods are a good idea for things like hacking reports and scamming reports, but I think Gaia offered wholesale in other languages is no good. Too many cans of worms.
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Chinese!! biggrin
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I think the more widely-used European languages should be highly considered. Japanese, because I'm sure there would be many internet users there, even if I doubt a high volume of Gaians are actually fluent in the language.

I'm not too sure about Chinese, because of China's goddamn perpetual internet filter getting Gaia blocked for talking about the Olympics D:

I wouldn't want any part of Gaia dumbed down because of the censorship in another country. Well, adding an Mandarin version would work for Taiwan.
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I don't really see a need for a different language.

Just stick with English.

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Proud to be an INDIAN! SO I pick Hindi!
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I'd like to see it in Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese
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The two most common languages on the internet are English and German.

So I would say either German or French (since French is one of the 5 largest languages of the world)

Latin! : D.
No, that would be crazy.
I vote French!
Or all languages, for the matter.

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