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If Gaia was offered in non English languages which language would you prefer?

Spanish 0.15853859646493 15.9% [ 10575 ]
Italian 0.029863724270273 3.0% [ 1992 ]
French 0.098586270482587 9.9% [ 6576 ]
German 0.075918624349729 7.6% [ 5064 ]
Japanese 0.25337690958428 25.3% [ 16901 ]
Russian 0.022592686985593 2.3% [ 1507 ]
Hindi 0.0090700568190336 0.9% [ 605 ]
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) 0.046129859226721 4.6% [ 3077 ]
Other 0.12135885942162 12.1% [ 8095 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.18456441239524 18.5% [ 12311 ]
Total Votes:[ 66703 ]
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I say Chinese, because my friends won't play Gaia because they can't read English.

Yes, I'm the only one in the neighborhood who is fluent in English, which is kinda sad. emo

Well, besides, Lanzer is a Hong Konger like me. wink
I partly wish that the Japanese option would be removed so that the wapanese folk don't act like they understand and whatnot. gonk But there might be actual Japanese folk so I guess that's not cool. :<

I only read/write/speak English fluently, so I'm all in that OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH.
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German, fer sher. Only other language I can speak.

Also, add Arabic. Just to confuse people.
en francais, s'il-vous-plait 3nodding
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German and Japanese would be some nice additions. :3 As an anime based site, I see a lot of Japanese citizens on DA that complain they can't read Gaia Online very well. (Germans too, but not as often)
~I would like it if there was a Finnish option
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Meh, seeing as there are Euro users, you would have to cover Spanish,French,Italian etc. I would see having Japanese as useless unless gaia has a BIG Japanese userbase and not a bunch of weeboos who think they can.

Where's the Esperanto love gonk
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Srsly. Esperanto, please?
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I actually like Gaia as an english based international forum. I think dividing this place into different language sections would divide the population and we wouldn't get so vast diversity around the forums.
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French; just because I live in Canada and I'm used to having English and French. XD
I voted German because it would be cool and maybe get more Germans to join, but I do prefer Gaia in English myself. 3nodding
You're something beautiful...

French, of course!

Fran├žais pour la victoire!!

A contradiction...
Well, I only speak English fluently, but I vote for German, since I know a bit of that. That's my personal bias though. I guess Japanese and Spanish would be better though, since most people (the target ages of this site) in Germany speak English anyway.
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I would love to see Gaia offer its site in Japanese. :3 My mum would actually enjoy Gaia since she can't read English that well. And I think a lot of my friends would join Gaia as well. xD
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Well... I took a couple years of French in high school, so I guess it would be fun to see if I could actually understand anything on the site if it were in French.
Chinese and Japanese, since those are the two other languages I speaks/understands. (Just um, don't set Gaia to auto-detect region, please? It gets annoying when I go to an international site and have them directly set the language to Japanese. >>; )

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