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If Gaia was offered in non English languages which language would you prefer?

Spanish 0.15853932752702 15.9% [ 10576 ]
Italian 0.029861038240717 3.0% [ 1992 ]
French 0.098577403348873 9.9% [ 6576 ]
German 0.075911796009534 7.6% [ 5064 ]
Japanese 0.25336911061476 25.3% [ 16902 ]
Russian 0.022590654934117 2.3% [ 1507 ]
Hindi 0.0090692410319447 0.9% [ 605 ]
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) 0.046140700655084 4.6% [ 3078 ]
Other 0.12137792501761 12.1% [ 8097 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.18456280262034 18.5% [ 12312 ]
Total Votes:[ 66709 ]
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I vote spanish as it's on eof the most commonlanguages inthe U.S> after English. THe world, however, speaks moreFfrench.
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Lucky Rogue

French. C:
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I'd prefer Portuguese and Japanese. 3nodding

i'm just an english speaker, but it seems like a ton of people around here speak spanish. it might be nice to also have gaia in spanish.
I choose spanish 3nodding
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I would say Spanish. I have so many gaian friends who mostly speak Spanish.
I would like to just be able to talk in a different language and not be told to talk in English because it is the language of where gaia was born. I think Japanese might win, because of the japanofiles,
if I were you, I would look at all the language guilds and use those as my basis of adding new languages on gaia, not just base your analysis on the opinion of the GCD and the SF.
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Japanese or Tagalog please.

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Borginese. Am want Borginese Gaia.

I want to see Gaia in NO OTHER LANGUAGES!

Most civilized nations teach their kids English in grade school (or the equivalent thereof), no need to put out Gaia in another language just because some people want to be special little snowflakes and not learn the most common language on the internet.
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I don't wish to be divided based on native language or location.

Seems like a bitter thing. You see, my country is in a crisis right now because of language/region troubles.
One language to unify all, really ain't such a bad thing.

We are all blessed to be able to more or less understand each other. Even though, to a lot of us, English is not our first language.
See, I'd be easy for me to say: Dutch...or French. Might be convenient: to type more coherent, to dump the dictionaries. But...why? It's not necessary. I gladly make the effort!!! And I'm not the only one!!!

If you do plan on choosing a second and third language for this site: know thy userbase, pick Spanish, Tagalog (or whatever it is, that is the most common language for the users that hail from the Philippines, a huge community here), Chinese...etc...but I'm sure you guys have a more accurate traffic ranking as to who from where visits the site.

@Krishnath: it's not good to be stuck-up about these matters (which was the attitude that led to crisis here), a lot of those 'civilized nations' do NOT teach their kids English, not as a second or even as third language.
Some of these 'civilized nations' have translated internet (and everything dubbed/translated that is foreign media) see: France, for example, or Spain. It is not all as common as you think it is.

But: I do agree, as I said before, that it is not really needed, to push this through.
Finnish. :3
Yo soy de argentina y la verdad que casi todo el tiempo hablo español
La verdad me molesta mucho cuando te ven hablando en español.
Te contestan que no entienden y que hables en ingles.
Yo me pregunto porque... porque yo tengo que hablar en ingles y ellos no pueden hablar en español.
Pues muy bien les digo a todos por mas de que yo se mucho ingles... voy ha seguir escribiendo en español
Los quiero mucha suerte
A y mi nombre es Napi... Por Napoleon... no por otra cosa
Soy una chica con estilo wink

Mandarin-Chinese would be cool too. cool
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Japanese( unlike many, I actually know how to pronounce Japanese words--when it comes to hearing how a word is said and the vowel structure, I'm impeccably good at that--I've got a talent for languages), Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese (seriously, Vietnamese is almost never one of the languages that a website is in when websites incorporate other languages)

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