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Do you like personalized posts?

Heck Yes!! 0.38303518220763 38.3% [ 34066 ]
Not really 0.065417092998415 6.5% [ 5818 ]
I like seeing others posts! 0.10515308589226 10.5% [ 9352 ]
I don't like them, they make it hard to read the posts! 0.038330503614918 3.8% [ 3409 ]
I don't like them, they make the page load slower! 0.032832229555753 3.3% [ 2920 ]
I think this should be a feature! 0.090727143933346 9.1% [ 8069 ]
I'm indifferent! 0.15405286888472 15.4% [ 13701 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13045189291296 13.0% [ 11602 ]
Total Votes:[ 88937 ]
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No, not really. Sometimes they're reeeeally annoying. I say leave them, but give us the option to turn some off.
Nope, they all stuck. (Except for Blind Clarity's, I'll admit)
Hate them. If they become an option I hope there's a choice to turn them off.
I don't like them at all.
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Persephone says:

I hate crowded ones. Those are truly annoying. Especially ones where it's all quest-begging and you can't find the content of the post.
The most I would ever want to see as far as personalization goes is something like mine that incorporates a few different things, but is still easy to read and find the post in as well as nice and open. Since there's really not a way to control which post styles are well-designed and which aren't, I'd just have an option to turn it off.

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I like to personalize my posts! It is fun. And plus I can show off my chibi smile

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I love them. It gives the post a little more personality, even if it's something simple like mine. I can see where other people would be aggravated. I've sighed and groaned over other people's personalized posts many a time myself. There are always the people with colors so light or blinding you can't read them or the people who make you search through song lyrics and random symbols to find what they're trying to say. Even then though, it's their choice and I think the good outweighs the bad. Clearly, I like personalizing my posts myself, even if I do like to keep it simple.

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Meh, I'm usually okay with them. My only real pet peeve is when there's so much ******** going on that I can't even determine the actual thread reply. User Image

I think it's pretty neat when someone uses a... flob, I think they're called? When you post a headshot of aviart with a speech bubble. They can get really annoying when you and another person go back and forth quoting, but otherwise they're an attractive way to make your message stand out with getting lost in the decoration. User Image
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As I'm sure someone else has already said; yes, I love them. :] As long as it's not overdone.
(Such as having to scan through some kind of information about they're current quest etc.)
The ability to express your personal opinions.. isn't that what forums are for? What's the use in posting a thought that's totally impersonal.
I could hardly see myself interested in reading through hundreds of plain and average posts. :]
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I love them, I use my tektek bar to auto-format my posts.

If your thinking about adding them as a feature, like in the Gaia bar, I think it would be nice for people who don't have firefox or the other tool bars.
No, I don't like them at all. Pictures can be at least adblocked, but formatted text is very annoying.

I don't understand what's wrong with simple black text. If they're setting up a shop or making a project thread where text needs to be structured, it's fine, but formatting for everyday posts is totally pointless.
Especially bright colours and larger sizes look awful. If people are looking for attention, they should focus on what they write. Otherwise they get the wrong kind of attention while they still have nothing to say. neutral

It would be great if there was a way to turn them off so we could see all posts in normal text.
It doesn't really matter to me
i dont rly mind lolz >.<
it dosnt matter xd

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