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Do you like personalized posts?

Heck Yes!! 0.38303616626357 38.3% [ 34050 ]
Not really 0.065436751223353 6.5% [ 5817 ]
I like seeing others posts! 0.10512402272344 10.5% [ 9345 ]
I don't like them, they make it hard to read the posts! 0.038326115079588 3.8% [ 3407 ]
I don't like them, they make the page load slower! 0.03281399403791 3.3% [ 2917 ]
I think this should be a feature! 0.090758760335227 9.1% [ 8068 ]
I'm indifferent! 0.15401316159514 15.4% [ 13691 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13049102874177 13.0% [ 11600 ]
Total Votes:[ 88895 ]
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I don't like them, they make the page load slower!
slows down my tablet
It depends on how they word it and what it's about.
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Liberal Raider

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Yeah i like 'em, idk why but i think it gives that person a some sort of high class feel lol (don't ask)
but some people go waaay to overboard and its really hard for me to read what they write
making it a feature would be so awesome!!
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yeah its nice but at the same time its not all that great, as long as it doesnt take up half the screen its fine in my opinion. but i like to see everyones art and other things like guilds and what not, sometimes they are links to guilds, and i like that because you never know if you catch an intrest in that particular guild.
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Sometimes theyre rlly random and annoyingly not even related to the topic
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its nice...:3 i enjoy them
but what does oooooooooooh eeeeeeeh yeaaaaaaaah means,,,,i keep wondering
Ayaseii's avatar

Interesting Informer

Sure thing. biggrin It seems creative.
Doesn't really matter to me either way.
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Dangerous Cutesmasher

It's okay I guess. I like the creativity.
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I think they're purty. ^u^
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[NPC] Opinion Primate

We wants your opinions!

Do you like Personalizing your posts and seeing other personalized posts?

Here are a few examples of personalized posts that are often seen:

  • One or more different text sizes
  • One or more different text colors
  • Pre-post signature
  • Post post signature
  • Embedding images
  • Linking / posting quoted material in every post

Embedding images seems to be a problem when they are too lengthy or large. The rest is quite nice.
definitely! especially the excessive options of emojis 3nodding
Personally, I like it since you can express yourself within the comments you make.

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