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Do you like personalized posts?

Heck Yes!! 0.38302587176603 38.3% [ 34051 ]
Not really 0.065433070866142 6.5% [ 5817 ]
I like seeing others posts! 0.10511811023622 10.5% [ 9345 ]
I don't like them, they make it hard to read the posts! 0.038323959505062 3.8% [ 3407 ]
I don't like them, they make the page load slower! 0.03281214848144 3.3% [ 2917 ]
I think this should be a feature! 0.090753655793026 9.1% [ 8068 ]
I'm indifferent! 0.15404949381327 15.4% [ 13695 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13048368953881 13.0% [ 11600 ]
Total Votes:[ 88900 ]
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Invisible Cat

so many love it-I think this should be a feature!
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I really want this to be a real feature x.x;
To a point, they're alright, but some people just go overboard with large images, eye burning fonts, and frame text. Simple is better.
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Personalized posts are cool. I like.
I think it depends on what kind of post style people use. Some are really nice, but some are a bit obnoxious. :3
Simple post styles are okay...

but I really don't see the need for lengthy song lyrics or more than a small pic or two or post styles that are just plainly confusing and hard to sift through.
I HATE HATE HATE complex post styles. If it's just a different color font (as long as it's not fluorescent and hard to read) it's generally okay, but when people have lyrics and flashing things and LJ icons it's like an epileptic fit transcribed to a page. I'd love it if post styles were a feature and therefore had the option for cranky people like me to turn them off.
Default text for the win.

If it's good enough for opinion primate, it's good enough for me.
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sure i do*points to the left* as long as it's not an overload of stuff pics or text it's fine with me...it also makes posting a lot faster
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하늘아 제발 그 사람가는 길 힘들지 않도록혹시나 그 이름을실수라도 부르지 않도록

We love our personalized posts. ^-^ b

사랑아 어떻게든그 사람 보내주어야 한다그게 누가 봐도 멋진 자니까

Why does it seem they stopped announcing these polls? Getting people who don't check the GCD to vote on these issues too is a good idea, since decisions based off these polls effect the entire site often.

Anyway, I really like having personalized post styles and making it a feature so everybody could do it even if they didn't have a certain browser would be really nice BUT -- seriously, if you made it a feature, I'd really like if you could set it up so people could not have especially small or especially light colored font (as long as our texts must have such a light background) as their default style. Leave it so you could occasionally add in some tiny text or white text or such for special reasons, that's fine, but at least if they're going to use a built in Gaia feature to set up their posts, not building in the option to make having posts that difficult and obnoxious that easily would be nice. Also, maybe having a certain limit on the size your automatically added pictures in your posts could be too would be nice. Anybody who still wants size 5 barely there pink font with 500X500 pictures of Hello Kitty in their posts can do so, but they can go out of their way to get some of the other posting format programs to do that if they insist on having that.
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I think they're neat, but uneeded. Likewise I don't have one.
pretty. x3
I hate them, and I adblock people's images in said posts. Half the time, the font color chosen is completely illegible.

On the other hand, it's a good guarantee that the post is one I don't need to bother reading, anyway...

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