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Do you like personalized posts?

Heck Yes!! 0.38302656877185 38.3% [ 34066 ]
Not really 0.06541562194313 6.5% [ 5818 ]
I like seeing others posts! 0.10515072128088 10.5% [ 9352 ]
I don't like them, they make it hard to read the posts! 0.038329641664512 3.8% [ 3409 ]
I don't like them, they make the page load slower! 0.03283149124681 3.3% [ 2920 ]
I think this should be a feature! 0.090736347384162 9.1% [ 8070 ]
I'm indifferent! 0.15404940464813 15.4% [ 13701 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13046020306052 13.0% [ 11603 ]
Total Votes:[ 88939 ]
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It depends really, a lot of times they can be really ******** annoying.
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Seems a downright shame...
Seems an awful waste...

But of course, lovey.

It helps me be different from everyone else.

I of course, keep in mind no one wants a stretched page, and EYE-BLINDING FONT COLORS are just plain rude.

Such a nice plump frame, wots 'is name has
Had? H..Has...?
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I like them to a point. I mean, the images don't bother me so much, but when there's a huge amount of unnecessary text in the comment bubble that drives me crazy. Maybe one or two lines of text on the top and bottom of the post wouldn't bother me too much.
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Yeah its helpful sometimes, why not?
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  • My posts normally match my avatar. I love them so much <3
    And It's even better seeing other people's!
I can;t stand them. there are other outlets other than post styles to show ones "creativity" other than clogging up their posts with a "unique style" that looks like nothing but spam, advertisements, and hard to read text (font sizes and color)

the signature belongs UNDER your posts, not mushed up into it.
Tricia just wants to say...

I do like them, as long as my eyes don't hurt and I have no problem finding the actual post. Making them a feature, so I could add my style to my posts without copying and pasting it, would be quite cool in my book.

...have a nice day!
Yeah! blaugh
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Simple things like my post style are what I like.
I don't like the ton's of pictures and icons or links imbeded in the post style.
I like simple codes as well so I don't flip out while looking for the place to write my reply. Even the IMG code for these two images in my post seem to long; but because of the new image restriction, I had to change from tinypic to my photobucket account.

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I do not like them, Opinion Primate!

They often make posts hard to read, and large images can take time to load and distract the eye from other, more important text. Plus, nobody genuinely expects everyone to read the quote that surrounds the post every time, right?

edit: animations are especially annoying. It just distracts from the real text.
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I hate them, immensely. You have a signature to put that crap in - use it. I'm not highlighting your post to read your ridiculous sea foam text or light pink shenanigans.
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User ImageUser ImageI like the ones that don't page stretch the page 3nodding Like mine xD

I like most, but not the giant ones or ones that have way too much stuff in them.
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I love them, they show personality. ^^ I voted - I want them as a feature. xd

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