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Do you like personalized posts?

Heck Yes!! 0.38302656877185 38.3% [ 34066 ]
Not really 0.06541562194313 6.5% [ 5818 ]
I like seeing others posts! 0.10515072128088 10.5% [ 9352 ]
I don't like them, they make it hard to read the posts! 0.038329641664512 3.8% [ 3409 ]
I don't like them, they make the page load slower! 0.03283149124681 3.3% [ 2920 ]
I think this should be a feature! 0.090736347384162 9.1% [ 8070 ]
I'm indifferent! 0.15404940464813 15.4% [ 13701 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.13046020306052 13.0% [ 11603 ]
Total Votes:[ 88939 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Do you like Personalizing your posts and seeing other personalized posts?

Here are a few examples of personalized posts that are often seen:

  • One or more different text sizes
  • One or more different text colors
  • Pre-post signature
  • Post post signature
  • Embedding images
  • Linking / posting quoted material in every post
Oh yes I do. What better way to separate yourself for your meaty heard than to speak in a way that will be remembered long after you yourself are not. When there are a sea of meat people all trying to grab the attention of a human queen, it is important (one assumes) to be as memorable and creative as possible. That way when she is selecting a mate to fertilize the eggs she has just lain, you will at least be at the front of her mind. Even if you are not picked you may be chosen next season as the mate who head she removed during her previous mating will be preoccupied with whatever matters a headless human attends too.

As for me, I choose to post this way simply because I "borrowed" several parts from other robots that had found themselves no longer in need of them. My vocabularian mechanism belonged to an old friend of mine who decided to beat me in a blaster contest. Needless to say rust and corrosion has probably tilted the odds in my favor should we ever decide to compete again. Well, that and his lack of function.
I don't like when people personalize their posts and you have to dig through all this crap to find what they are trying to say in that post. I don't mind them when they are just a simple pictures or something, but when they have song lyrics, links to their quest/shop, etc it becomes annoying.
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Angelic Cat

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it's nice sometimes and annoying at other times

i think it should be a feature b/c if it was, then we should get an option to turn it off
It's nice but sometimes people go overboard and its annoying. Like when you have to go searching through mass amount of useless text for what they are actually saying. Or large blinking images that kill my eyes.
I don't even know how people do it but I cant stand it when there is so much to sift through that you can't find their post. Often I give up.
Hell yes!

So always remember these words, my childe,
freedom will taint you, blood will control you,
and I will never be far behind.
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Eloquent Prophet

Personally, I am completely indifferent to personalized posts as a whole. Some people go overboard and their post gets lost in all the quotes, links, and pictures, but for the most part, it makes posts and individuals easier to find. I tried personalization once, but I was too lazy to keep it, and it faded into the background.

Also, it's part of the Gaians experience on the website. If they enjoy the personalization, why should I care? If I don't like the personalization to the point it annoys me, I just skip the post.
2nd person to vote for the feature option XD

post styles a re cute but somehow it kinda depends neutral
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{I like them if they're simple enough to read. If there's a zillion pictures and tons of unnecessary text, I don't like it.

But, as you can see, I have one of my own that I love.
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Making it a feature would be nice. People who like them can turn them on, and people who dislike them can turn them off. Everybody wins! biggrin
First page..! heart
I don't really care. 4laugh
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Sure 3nodding
as long as it's not over the top, and what they're actually posting is easily read.
Yeah, I think it's cool and it gives the person some personality. I do it on my main, but it's just too much work to do it with my mules.

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