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Would you play in the Beta for Gaia's new MMO if you had the chance?

Heck Yes!!! 0.53353171723037 53.4% [ 22053 ]
Maybe 0.16889243721875 16.9% [ 6981 ]
If i have the Time 0.13937678424542 13.9% [ 5761 ]
Not really Interested 0.079063240915469 7.9% [ 3268 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.079135820389994 7.9% [ 3271 ]
Total Votes:[ 41334 ]
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Heck yes! surprised
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I'd prefer monthly storyline updates, personally.

******** yeah.

battle system.

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Yes. Yes, I would. MMOs are, like, my thing. I try every free one I can get my filthy paws on, although mostly I last for a week before I quit.
Skip Beta and let us all play. We're all bound to complain about something regardless of whether or not there are bugs.

And I REEEEEEAAAALLLLYY want to Beta Test, but I don't have the time. Just leave an official bug report and feedback sticky somewhere. 3nodding
Since I joined in 2004, the only thing I've been waiting for on Gaia was the battle system. It was my reason for getting everything I did, back when the plan was that "every item had a hidden stat value that would affect your battle stats" 3nodding as Lanzer said in an old interview.

Of course, now it's changed to rings, but it's the battle system none the less.

After waiting for so long, I want to see it done right. I'd dlove to beta test and do anything I could to help this game be done flawlessly and be all I, and countless others, hoped it to be 3nodding
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Oh absolutely! I would love too. Plus it would give me something to do between classes.
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Oh yes, indeed! I joined in '04, and it seems like the Battle System has been in planning forever. I want to get a glimpse of this elusive beast, prove that it really is real. In fact, I already signed up to beta test. 3nodding
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Meh. Don't care.
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If I had the time I would.
I am normally only online for like an hour a day. D:
I would love the chance to debug this MMO before it hits the main public. I've been rather lucky over the years, kon, to get to help many games beta test. I hope my luck holds up here. But, either way, just keep in mind that beta testing isn't just about playing the game before everyone else. The idea is to see if you can break the game (or parts thereof) and make clear and easy to understand reports of how you did so, what you did, and how often the bugs or glitches occur under those circumstances.

Because people have been looking forward to the release of this beast I want to do everything in my power to make sure that it gets a smooth start. And boy oh boy, when it finally does go public I think Gaia is going to get an immediate stress test. I'm hoping for the best, gon gon! 3nodding
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Hell yessss! It's been one of my dreams since I joined Gaia and heard about the Battle System!
Not really. Not enough time at the moment.
it sounds like fun!
Um ... i would ...


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