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Which shirt should the Gaia Store make next?

Durem Logo T-shirt 0.18957060147958 19.0% [ 18860 ]
Aekea Logo T-shirt 0.046367401093599 4.6% [ 4613 ]
Barton Logo T-shirt 0.048468156963654 4.8% [ 4822 ]
Isle De Gambino Logo T-shirt 0.055534335799292 5.6% [ 5525 ]
Gaia Online Logo T-shirt 0.14088131231907 14.1% [ 14016 ]
I love them all!! 0.35906843036346 35.9% [ 35723 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.16010976198134 16.0% [ 15929 ]
Total Votes:[ 99488 ]
i think durem would be cool but i would put a little ninja peeking from around the logo
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Durem Logo T-shirt
Isle De Gambino Logo T-shirt
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i think it needs to have a pic of gaias logo. (if we even have one.) exclaim
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Since Gaia has a much larger presence within the internet community than the average website, and to me, it is surprising that more promotion items* have not been released. Think of it this way, Gaia has become much more promotional than it was when it first started. In order to keep people's interest above and beyond the call, the next logical step would be for Gaia to be involved in more partnerships. Not only would this generate more revenue for Gaia, but it would also increase traffic on the sponsor's website. I'm talking about both already successful companies, as well as aspiring businesses-to-be.

Examples of Companies, as well as Specific products:

1) PopCap Games > Plants Vs. Zombies - Zuma
2) Activision Blizzard - Diablo - Warcraft
3) Sony > DCUO
4) Marval > Comic (Need I say more?)

Of course, this is based mostly on video games, and, as with all things, can be expanded. If Coca-Cola's smart enough to do a business maneuver like teaming up with Gaia, then other companies have little argument for doing otherwise.

This is talking not only about shirts, but other clothing as well.

Even as websites and businesses rise and fall, communities are formed. To me, Gaia is a place where lots of different things can come together to form a rather robust community. Therefore, it might be in the better interests of the users, employees, and shareholders to actively seek and reach out to these companies. In a way, it would 'honor' some companies to be apart of the community. Yes, it would continue the already existing trend of massive commercialism that has permiated the site. However, that will never change. In order to have the community grow with and into itself, the illusion of fun via incentives must exist. The community and company have to embrace the path on which they both tread, and make it somewhat more meaningful. Doing so would be a win for the company, a win for the shareholders, and a win for the community.

*Items are a means to an end, and as such, give Gaia an excuse for the community to participate with themselves, as well as the company (at least it 'feels' that way).
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I'd say anything as long as its cheap and cute. Cheap being like 2 gold. eek
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durem fo sho!!!!!
any doesnt bother me
all the shirts
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Megami Yari
Durem! I'd so buy that! biggrin
(Or Aekea. I'd buy that, too.)

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I'd buy all of them heart
I didnt really like any of the choices so i said the monkey one, they should make shirts from shoe logos examle DC's or Vans talk2hand

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