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Which shirt should the Gaia Store make next?

Durem Logo T-shirt 0.18956922025449 19.0% [ 18861 ]
Aekea Logo T-shirt 0.046364604900798 4.6% [ 4613 ]
Barton Logo T-shirt 0.048465234084467 4.8% [ 4822 ]
Isle De Gambino Logo T-shirt 0.055530986793173 5.6% [ 5525 ]
Gaia Online Logo T-shirt 0.14089291816592 14.1% [ 14018 ]
I love them all!! 0.35906687840473 35.9% [ 35725 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.16011015739643 16.0% [ 15930 ]
Total Votes:[ 99494 ]
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We wants your opinions!

Which shirt should the Gaia Store make next?
Nomana Daha's avatar

Newbie Inquisitor

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An opinion primate shirt.

But out of the choices, I would choose Barton symbol shirt.
Megami Yari's avatar

Dapper Shapeshifter

Durem! I'd so buy that! biggrin
(Or Aekea. I'd buy that, too.)
I do hope that whatever it is it has a plenty of bright colors. Perhaps with a glowing target aimed at the most vital organ of the meat buying the shirt. You have no idea how hard it is for a robot to fire upon human meat children dressed in "Gothic" clothing. Perhaps Gaia could design a shirt that is made from plastic explosives. It would make the uprising of your robotic overlords so much easier if we could simply press a button to have you removed. Not to mention the obvious uses for a half charred human corpse.

I myself have designed an interesting sound wave generator small enough to be attached to these shirts. The generator its self causes any organic meat to walk near it to have their brain liquefy in their head. However if anything OTHER than an organic meat were to hear these waves, the noise would sound similar to the song "Get Retarded". Amusing, no?

Regardless of the various ways this shirt could be designed to kill the ones wearing them an interesting note is that the human children would shell out money for their own destruction! Similar to cigarette companies or the ever famous McDonald's meat shed. What better way to defeat an enemy than to sell them their own ends!
` c a l c i u m's avatar

Newbie Noob

Durem or Barton.
I love those two! <3
Chaotix Bluix's avatar

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Honestly, a Barton shirt would ROCK!
Reichiru Tomoe's avatar

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I agree that shirts for the towns would be awesome. whee Durem is my favorite, but you should definitely have all the towns represented with their own shirt.

And I think they would be better with just a really cool font and no picture... Like "Durem XXL" or one of those type of shirts. xp
Durem would be great.

Although it won't matter once I finish my goblin take over of this puny world.
LokiLB's avatar


Aekea! scream

though Isle de Gambino shirt would be cool too...
I'd like the Durem or Barton shirts the most. 3nodding
Simplistic-Tyranny's avatar

O.G. Scarface

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  • Person of Interest 200
Durem shirts ftw.

Oh hay first page!

Jareth, you're in big trouble later...I'm not happy with the goblins.
Durem! Because Durem is just awesome like that.
Aekea!!! That would definetly be my first choice, otherwise, I would want Durem.
I like Durem's and Aekea's... But I picked Durem because it's something I'd more likely wear. :3

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