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Should the Prom Dance Game stay permanently?

Definately 0.17157258715952 17.2% [ 15930 ]
Yes but upgrade it! 0.56135362478055 56.1% [ 52120 ]
I Guess 0.1114521740067 11.1% [ 10348 ]
No 0.091031481900331 9.1% [ 8452 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.064590132152897 6.5% [ 5997 ]
Total Votes:[ 92847 ]
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Did you guys really misspell "definitely"? rolleyes Sorry, my inner spelling nazi had to point that out.

I'd like that, but with more songs maybe? And less lag for people with slower computers. But aside from that, I really liked that game.
Yes. It'll be a new addition to the Gaia Games. Just needs an update and less lag if possible for dial-up users. I would like to play. wink
I agree with several people, more songs and maybe even a single player mode. I'd also like to see some volume control so if you don't like the songs you can turn it down (after all that's what I've done with real DDR games)
Hm, I'd very much like it if it were a regular game, but only if it has more music options in every difficulty, your "rounds till prize" thing isn't reset after a bad round (hot streak, yes. But I don't want to have to start over on my prize if I lose a round. It's really annoying if I decide I want to try out one of the harder songs...), and there's at least the option to make the game vertical rather then horizontal. We DDR players (and similar games, of course) are getting confuzzled. Or, at least, I am... sweatdrop

Plus, get rid of that Hypnotized song. That was NOT appropriate... There should at least be a content warning, and I'd prefer if it was gone entirely. The site is supposed to be PG-13, isn't it?

Also, it's be cool if everyone in the game room could see your flailing-around-to-the-music avvie. I can just see a whole room of those... *snicker*
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That one sex song is vastly inappropriate for a site that's supposed to be friendly for 13 year olds. It makes even me, at 24, feel dirty. Ditch it, please.
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keep it,but have more commonly heard music as well,perhaps?
I wouldn't mind the dance game being a permanent game on Gaia but...

Fix the darn game so that everyone can play it. Model it on the other games so that most users can play it. I don't know why but I can play every other game on Gaia but the dance game I could not. *

If working sound was a requirement for the game to start, please remove it so people like myself who do not have sound /or need sound to play the game can get past the Goal 25%

Make the game less laggy.
>Allow us to turn off the flowers and such. (if you were planning to keep them)
>Allow us to have private rooms.
>Instead of songs needing to load while we play.. how about having them load completely before the game starts?

Give us some more techno, JPOP, or American Pop. i.e. Smile DK, or Slyver.

Upgrade it so that you earn dance tabs/tokens/tickets and you can cash them into a Dancey Time Shop (Rufus as the Shop Keeper) - It could be a feature when you go to talk to Rufus in Ian's shop - for prizes.

*I will be glad to help in anyway I can.
with some tweaking keeping the game would be a good way to go.

also i think it would be an "easier" way of integrating more bands into sponsorships and getting more music interest in general around gaia.

it would be nice to see the "cary brothers" or whomever it was' song in there. also have a few more songs, maybe even from gaia battle to add more hype about it.
I'd love to see the dance game stay, but I think it needs a few upgrades if it's to become a permanent Gaia game.

First off, it needs to be able to work on everyone's computer. There were a lot more users having the game not work for the event than there tend to be for games in general. It might be because of the Towns-like setup of the rooms to dance in, it might not. Regardless, that needs some looking at.

Secondly, we need more songs. There need to be more choices, and they need to be from a larger variety of musical genres. Pop, rock, rap, instrumental, country, you name it. There needs to be enough variety for everyone to find at least one or two songs they actually like. (and get rid of the first song on the list, the rather... sexual... one, please - most of us don't like it, and those few who did would probably be willing to accept less... explicit songs of the same genre, I imagine)

Also, it would be a very good idea if the steps more closely matched the beats of the songs in question. I'm not saying that there need to be set steps for each song, just that the timing should be more regulated so that the steps are in time with the music.

If these things are done, though, I think the game would be a very enjoyable permanent addition to our game selection.
Of course. Just a few tweaks here and there. 3nodding
I am with many on keep it and upgrade. Better music definitely, and improvements on the rewards couldn't hurt. And hey, if you wanted to make me the overlord fo Gaia, I wouldn't mind that either. 4laugh
ehh sure
just get better songs 4laugh
At least keep the dancing game....that would be really great... 4laugh
um yea i guess biggrin ninja
yes, it should stay, but with better songs, maybe a feature to upload songs from your computer...

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