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Should the Prom Dance Game stay permanently?

Definately 0.17157258715952 17.2% [ 15930 ]
Yes but upgrade it! 0.56135362478055 56.1% [ 52120 ]
I Guess 0.1114521740067 11.1% [ 10348 ]
No 0.091031481900331 9.1% [ 8452 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.064590132152897 6.5% [ 5997 ]
Total Votes:[ 92847 ]
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I think the prizes were nice but the game for me was so easy that it bored me to death. I had to force myself to play it 7 or 8 times to get 7 or 8 crowns because they are pretty. rofl I hope everyone had fun the prom seemed to go well. smile
I like it, although I think the game could be fixed a bit.
Overall, I think it should stay as a gaia game.
It's be nice to not see your avatar head moving up and down, sometimes it distracts me. gonk
Definitely. 3nodding

I agree that it needs upgrading and tweaking - the beats should, if possible, be more in time with the music; as it was the songs were slightly distracting and I ultimately had to turn the music off in order to make it to Level 20 - and there should be a way to make it more multiplayer-oriented as well as an option to play alone. There could perhaps be a slightly shallower learning curve as well as even the easy songs were pretty difficult at first for someone like myself who'd never played a rhythm-based game before. Speaking strictly personally, I have fail hand-eye co-ordination and it took me almost till the end of the event to pass Level 20. I know I wasn't alone in this, either.

That said, after the initial frustration at my fail had worn off I was really getting to like it by the end of the event. It would be a shame to let something as fun as that fall by the wayside just because the Prom was over. If it's possible to release this as an actual Flash game, I'm definitely going to be playing it. Honestly, I miss it already...
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Take out the inapropriate songs. Otherwise it was Great.
*waves frantically* Bee!!!!!
Huggle Glomps!!!!!!! You feeling better?
Cute avi ^.^ Do you have 3k I can borrow? sweatdrop heart
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Yes please <3 just add more songs and have the arrows match to the song beats.
Definitely, darling. Needs a bit of tweaking - the bobbleheads are somewhat disconcerting - but hey, it's the only game I've bothered to play in many a month, it must be great! smile
To till the truth, I did not fine it fun. But that was cos of two things.

One, It was not my kind of game. So, I did not have fun with it as much as some other poeple did. But that wold been different if the easy level was easy. Part of part two there.

Two, If the easy level was easy. I mite of like it and mite of have fun with it. Cos, even thoe it's not my kind of game. I wold sill give it a try.

Now, I say yes for the game to stay. But it needs some updating big time. From the songs going with the beat of the step. To the level revamp. Like makeing easy more easier, with not that many steps to it and not two at a time. Where hard wold be fast and give your hand a work out. So, anyway there my thoughts. Do what you will with them.

But get better songs for it. ^-^
I agree with Lupas Deva, that one song.. What was it? "Hypnotize"? XDD

Yeah.. <___<; That one just.. No.

But, besides that..

YESPLZ!!! ; A;

I wasn't done playing! XD

Those multiple arrows kill me though.. @___@; As well as my 43 combo.. XD

Definitely a game I'd be stuck playing all day! I'm a whore for DDR, and it's the only game I enjoyed most on Gaia.. @ 3@; Should have Tetris next!
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<br><span style:arialb color:supahblue>

lol lots of people thpought the same as me, i want it to stay but get new songs etc or it get bored

I must have missed this one in the announcement.. -.-;

Hmm.. I'm up for it, yeah. Upgrading it would be swell too.. and different prizes this time... And we should be able to dance more than 255 streaks. =D
As someone has said before (in another thread) I think that it would be a good feature in part because it could integrate band-sponsorship. It would be a great way for bands to get their music out to a new, random, large audience like gaians. :3

That first song that was on the list, though, was disgusting. >> Please if you add more songs like that, have a content warning.

It's a really addictive game, though, and I miss it. I only was just starting to get sort of good(ish) at it when the prom ended, which was disappointing.
If it stays as a permanent game, I would like to be able to play alone. It helps to decrease the lagging.

And I didn't mind the first song. -shrugs-
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I'd love it if it was a permanent game! It would be great if it could let you have private rooms to go into, that way you could dance without any lags. I love the songs so I can't wait to see if this ever is a main game (if so that would be awesome!).

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