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Should the Prom Dance Game stay permanently?

Definately 0.17157813105855 17.2% [ 15930 ]
Yes but upgrade it! 0.5613609926328 56.1% [ 52119 ]
I Guess 0.11145577527896 11.1% [ 10348 ]
No 0.091034423333764 9.1% [ 8452 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.06457067769592 6.5% [ 5995 ]
Total Votes:[ 92844 ]
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Sure! It needs an upgrade though.
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Durem Prophet

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Yes, yes, yes. More songs, though, please. And keeping the hotel rooms from prom would be great; no sense in letting that hard work go to waste.

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          • Keep it!
            Keep it!
            Keep it!
            Keep it!

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Dapper Noob

Mr. Opinion Primate, I can safely say I would enjoy the game much more if it had some more music on it. And it would be freakin' sweet to see other people doing the seizure-dance while dancing like your own character does, but all-in-all it's awesome.
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Shy Elocutionist

The dancing is definitely a good idea, but if it does stay could you make an easy level that is easier?

I have always been terrible at anything that requires timing in games, so I would appreciate that you lower the bar on your opinion of the talents of some Gaians (who might also be like me xd !) EDIT-an easy mode where you do not have to push two buttons at once. I mean really really easy, easy mode. That easy. =]

I have no other comments for it other than nice graphics, those don't seem to need a change. No opinion on the music.
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The Dance Game Must stay but Upgrade it so it would be better wink
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arrow Yes but upgrade it!
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Tiny Phantom

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하늘아 제발 그 사람가는 길 힘들지 않도록혹시나 그 이름을실수라도 부르지 않도록

As long as you get some better sounding songs. >___> Sure thing.

사랑아 어떻게든그 사람 보내주어야 한다그게 누가 봐도 멋진 자니까

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The Lights Are Out And The Dance Floor's Waiting...

Yes. As long as it would still have all the areas

But You're Too Busy Blending In The Crowd.
Keep it! But yes, an upgrade would be best. Better (and more) songs and make the dance moves actually correspond to the beat. Half the time I had to turn the sound off to click the arrows in the right place...Otherwise, it just confused me.
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Man-Hungry Abomination

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I love the game a lot! Please keep it around and add more songs every now and again. smile
I say yes but make some changes, add some slow dances and make new prizes.
I love the dance game biggrin

Here's how I'd like to see it. It would be nice if it was in a room like the event except a smaller group kind of environment. I'd like to be able to have a place for just my friends and I, you know? If at all possible, it would be interesting to have it so you could go against someone else like the traditional DDR so that you could see their arrows moving across in sync. At the very least, it would be nice to see the everyone else's avatar flail around as they dance instead of just the "Great!" or "Argh!".

Meh, I mostly just want the game to stay. I'll be happy as long as that happens
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Yes, it should. However you guys need to synchronize the music and steps.
I have to admit, the game is fun and a nice break from the mundanity of Word Bump and Jigsaw; in fact, I feel as if it's a step up from pinball. I say that we should definately keep this game, but make some major upgrades.

Such as adding more songs, having litlle flash animations of NPCs like in Dance Dance Revolution games, and even have some type of items to win.

Just regular stuff, like the things you can get from grueling hours of Word Bump. They could travel up in the place of an arrow or something.

Oh, and also, maybe switch the game so that the arrows travel upward instead of to the right. I got used to it, but it's still kind of awkward.

Also, as I was walking through the prom - now, this idea doesn't exactly go with the game - I thought of the possibility of Gaia having some sort of club. One where you have to pay entry for a day, considering some may get booted off with bad internet connections. Anyway, it would be a nice addition to the gold sinks.

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