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Should the Prom Dance Game stay permanently?

Definately 0.17157374613803 17.2% [ 15938 ]
Yes but upgrade it! 0.56126941750186 56.1% [ 52138 ]
I Guess 0.1114400439215 11.1% [ 10352 ]
No 0.091072524302154 9.1% [ 8460 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.064644268136458 6.5% [ 6005 ]
Total Votes:[ 92893 ]
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I think it'd be fun to have it as a permanent game. But maybe with new songs...?
In my opinion. Not really. There is only items up to the crown and past that it seems to boring for me. But thats just me.
Yes, most definately.
Yes! But upgrade please! heart
I say yes, if you upgrade it.Make it kinda more like DDR and have the arrows go up instead of right please, because it's too confusing the way it is now.Plus more songs would be nice^^
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Dapper Shapeshifter

Yeah, it should stay. biggrin
Just a few things:
- Add more songs if you can.
- Make the arrow way adjustable.
Tricia just wants to say...

I'd love it, but please try to get rid of the lag. It's nearly impossible to get any accuracy, if the game registers my "moves" seconds after I hit the keyboard.

...have a nice day!
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Tricky Treasure

Why not? I probably won't play it too often (because I'm el terrible at rhythm games), but I think it's nifty.
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But for the love of God, change the songs. I don't want to feel like I'm dancing along to music about vaginae.
There is an art, or, rather, a knack to flying.

I think it should, but the songs should be updated periodically. The same songs over and over can be boring.

The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

well I personally feel that you guys have some pretty full plates right now, getting everything together as it is.

I mean.. why pile on more food if your plate is so full already that there's bits of food hanging over the sides of it, getting all over your clothes.

I cant say if I liked or didnt like the dancing, as I was never able to get it to load.

That sure was alot of work you guys did just for a three day event!
Might as well use something from it later, besides those awesome items you gave us, I even like love the watch! It's a great accessory and it comes in colors too!
That would be nice. Just not too soon. Finish the BS and work on good events first.
I think it would be better for special occasions.

Yes, I think it should stay. Defiantly. I rather enjoy it myself, though it would be nice if you could set the rooms up like in cards, jigsaw... etc.
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It's an awesome game so it should definitely become a permanent part of Gaia. I imagine it took a lot of work to create too, so it shouldn't only be used for just a single event.

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